Endometriosis and adenomyosis

When endometriosis is left unchecked it can cause years of pain and misery. This is Tania’s story of years of pain and then to also be diagnosed with adenomyosis years later

This is Tanya’s story….


I am 37 and have suffered with severe period pain since I was about 13. My periods commenced when I was 11. The pain symptoms I get is intense with a dragging sensation (as though something needs to come out), aching back, feeling bloated, heavy bleeds with blood clots. I will rock back and forth with the pain, hot and cold sweats.


When I was in my teens and twenties vomiting towards the end of day 1 seemed to help. As though using the muscles to vomit somehow managed to ease the pelvic pain. I would be exhausted after and would sleep and sleep.


I remember my mother taking me to the family doctor who would say "Every girl gets period pain, take panadol". Panadol never helped me at all, neither did other tablets prescribed for period pain. I was put on The Pill as treatment for a number of years, different types of The Pill, some would help for a couple of months but the pain would come back.


I gave up seeing doctors as they didn't appear to believe that I suffered so bad.


I then questioned myself, maybe I'm just a wimp and if every girl gets period pain why can't I put up with it. Suicidal thoughts would come into play sometimes when the pain didn't seem like it was going to ease. I would dread the day I would get my next period. It is only now at age 37 that I realise how this has controlled my life.


The thought of having kids has always terrified me. How could I possibly cope with the pain of child birth if I can't cope with period pain. I've suffered from injuries from accidents, two badly broken arms once after a cliff fall and the bone in my right arm was very bowed, it was almost pushing out the skin. It hurt all right but my period pain was a more intense type of pain.



The only reason now I am seeking help for this period pain is due to having very early stages of cervical cancer in which I have recovered from recently. Upon my check-ups with the gynaecologist, I told her how my period pain has recently come back. I had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago and it reveals I have Adenomyosis. I read that Adenomyosis is usually a condition some years after child birth, but I have never had kids. Surely I couldn't have had Adenomyosis since I was 13???


I have an appointment with my gynaecologist in a couple of weeks to discuss my ultrasound results. I am wondering if perhaps I have had Endometriosis since I was at least 13 and because this was left undiscovered due to doctors not taking me seriously, I've got Adenomyosis as well???


I feel cheated and a bit angry that if I had had proper help years ago I would be ok now and maybe have lead a 'normal' life.


As a child I would talk with my friends how one day I would be married and have children. Well I soon got that idea out of my head once I got period pain. This site is wonderful and although I only come across it last night, it has helped me not feel so alone. 


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