Endometriosis throughout my abdomen

This story comes from Amanda and her experience of recurring endometriosis, toxic drug treatment, trying diet changes and taking the birth control pill to try and get some relief

Amanda's endometriosis story .....

‘ENDOMETRIOSIS - IT ALWAYS COME BACK!! I feel for all of you and myself too. I am 27 and was diagnosed 4yrs ago. Of course, it was after going in and out of Hospitals, Doctors making me think I was crazy because they could never see anything on any tests I had. They thought I was some addict just wanting pain pills.

Actually, in some recent article I have read that people with CHRONIC pain are often labelled as drug seekers when in reality all they want is some form of relief from the pain!! I have had two laparoscopies. The first being diagnostic, meaning they saw it all in there, in all 5 places - uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, bowels and bladder. Left it in me and put me on Danazol.

Wasn't it fun going through menopause with my grandmother at the age of 24. The weight gain and hot flashes. I had enough of that and was then put on the Depo Prevera shot, 200mg/month. Felt some relief at first, but then of course it didn't work anymore and my boobs started to leak. Every kind of medication I tried usually worked for the first bit then stopped. After my second laparoscopy in Jan 04, I felt absolutely fantastic!! For a whole 2 months.

Went back to the gyne and he in a nutshell told me there was no way I could possibly be having pain. Basically, every doctor made feel like I was crazy. We all know our bodies and know what feels "right" and what doesn't. I have learned to never ignore your signs/symptoms. Do all the research you can. So I will share what I have learned........

It doesn't matter what medications you are on, how many surgeries you have, and by the way the more surgeries you have the more scar tissue they leave, which also cause a great deal of pain too. It doesn't matter if you have a partial or total hysterectomy........ The ENDOMETRIOSIS (gremlins, I like to call them) always come back. You may even have some relief for years, but it will come back.

Endometriosis can only TRY to be managed. I also suggest if you have endometriosis to have other things checked. When you have endometriosis, you will most likely have something else along with it. I now also have PCOS - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Increased male hormones, it in itself causes extreme weight gain, rapidly and mostly around your mid-section. Hair falls out, dark patches of skin around your armpits, elbows, neck and ankles.

Many other symptoms too. I would suggest to any women with ENDOMETRIOSIS to have complete bloodwork done on ALL your hormone levels. Other women have fibroids. Again, with endometriosis there is usually another monster lingering inside there too also causing problems. Get books on your specific problems and try to follow the diets they suggest.

With endometriosis and PCOS, the diets contradict each other??? So, I eat whatever. I do notice now with DAIRY, after I have any kind of dairy product, I'm having pain right after!! With endometriosis they say to avoid dairy, refined sugar, meat, and pretty much anything we all love to eat is bad for us. So for me, I take my birth control pills continuously to avoid my period because I feel like I'm dying if I have one.

I take pain pills daily along with an antidepressant. Let's face it, this is not easy. Don't ever let a DR. decide for you what to do!! Talk over with your loved ones your options and decide what's best for you. We are all different and one cure that works for me may not work for you. Getting pregnant has been suggested to me many a time. However, I want to have a baby when I'm ready to be a parent, not cure an illness.

Yes, I want kids, so does the man in my life. We want to do it right. Even if getting pregnant is a cure for endometriosis... how long is it going to last??? How many babies do you have to cure yourself??? Do what's right for you!! 

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