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Rebecca J

This great success story from Rebecca which tells how she has totally turned her life around after going on the diet for endometriosis after being diagnosed with advanced stage 4 endometriosis … 

To endo resolved. I have been meaning to contact you for weeks but have been enjoying my new life too much to remember or have time. I am 28 years old. I have a wonderful husband who I love with all my heart and we have been trying for a baby for almost six years.

I found out I was pregnant in 2007 after a year and a half of trying and we were over the moon. We told our families immediately and my parents began their plans to travel to the other side of the country to see us as we live two states away.

The whole family was ecstatic and we just couldn’t wait to meet our baby. We made plans of what we were going to buy, I bought some maternity clothes in preparation for my soon to be growing body and my husband and I started to think of baby names. We were really excited!

Our world started to crash down around us two days later when I began bleeding at work and I was sent directly to the Emergency department at my work (I'm a registered nurse and work in a regional hospital).

People who I knew cared for me and I was told that due to the huge amount of blood I lost (I was crossed matched for transfusion) that the baby could not have survived. I was admitted to the maternity unit and I waited until morning when I had an ultrasound to see if I needed a Dilation and curette.

Upon ultrasound it was shown that our baby was still alive and had a viable heart rate. I was alone through the ordeal as my husband was interstate for work and we lived in a new town so I had no family and very few friends for support.

My father was in his car driving 20 hours to visit us and I was alone. I called my mother overnight who had told my devastated father that his grandchild had died and my husband was away from his wife.

After our baby was found to be miraculously viable I went home. Over the next four weeks I was on strict bed rest and after many scares and hospital visits our baby eventually died at ten weeks gestation. We had a memorial service at the hospital (which I am eternally grateful for) and I was off work for two further weeks to attempt emotional recovery. 

Three months after the miscarriage I developed significant abdominal pain during the month which did not coincide with my period. After two months of pain I had numerous ultrasounds and was referred to a gynaecologist who performed laparoscopic investigations.

The results came back and I was diagnosed with advanced endometriosis. My specialist (from my regional town) told me that she was not experienced enough to removed the adhesions laprascopically herself and she would either need to refer me to a specialist in the capital city or perform open surgery.

By this stage my husband and I had made the decision to return to our home state to be with family as I was significantly suffering from depression and I needed to be with my mum and dad. As a result I was unable to have the surgery.

After the laparoscopic diagnostic procedure my pain was reduced somewhat but still significant. Upon returning to my home state I saw a gynaecologist who insisted my husband I have IVF treatment to have a baby after zolodex injections. I agreed to four months of injections despite significant side effects such as night sweats, severe mood swings, agitations, weepiness, and a whole host of other side effects.

Not only did I have these symptoms my pain was just as bad as prior to the treatment. After this experience I left this gynaecologist and found another who said he could remove the adhesions. He was highly recommended and a specialist in his field.

I have to admit he was very caring and supportive and I believe he truly wanted to help me. After a month of blood tests as well as testing my husbands sperm I had laparoscopic surgery to remove advanced stage four endometriosis.

After recovering from the surgery I did go on to have almost a year of almost pain free living. I had been advised that the adhesions would most likely come back and towards the end of last year this happened.

At this stage we still had not fallen pregnant again and the symptoms became unbearable. I had to leave a job that I loved and I became confined to our home again. My husband took many days off work to stay at home and look after me and I was unable to enjoy my life.

I withdrew from social activities and although a normally hopeful person in life I began to believe I would always have this pain and at under 30 years of age I would live the life of someone much older than me. 

One night my husband and I were looking on the internet and I found Endo Resolved. I read the information regarding diet and my husband agreed that I should purchase the ebook. I had tried western medicine and it had failed me and we were both willing to try alternative treatments.

Now I must tell you my two favourite foods are chocolate and cheese. I love dairy, I love sugar and I could be described as a chocoholic. Unlike many who suffer from endometriosis I am very slim and at 161 cms I weighed 46.1 kgs.

I had begun seeing a dietician who recommended large quantities of chocolate and dairy including two large blocks of chocolate a week, a glass of milk with milo (chocolate powder)a day and cheese, as well as handfuls of nuts in order to gain weight. I ate all of this willingly before I found the endometriosis diet and over 6 weeks my weight had increased to 49.8 kgs.

The day after I found the endometriosis diet (April 11 2011) I told my dietician I had started a new diet which included not eating dairy, gluten, red meat, added sugar, un-fermented soy and limiting e-numbers. My dietician strongly encouraged me not to do the diet as I had gained a lot of weight on his regime and he believed it very unhealthy to cut out so many whole food groups.

After our meeting I cried uncontrollably and told my husband I shouldn’t do it. I desperately want a child and I was on my way to a healthy conception weight and I didn't want to risk limiting our chances of a pregnancy any more.

My husband was incredibly supportive and suggested that I at least try the diet, he told me that skinny girls can fall pregnant and if there was a possibility of my pain reducing I should try it. So on the evening of the 11th of April my journey towards my new life began.

At this time my mother and father in law were visiting us and they have known of my suffering for years. My father in law is vegan and my mother in law is vegetarian and so they were both very supportive of my new diet. Within one week on the diet I began to notice small changes in my pain levels. 

After two weeks on the diet (which I must admit I didn't believe would help) my mother in law asked me how my symptoms were. I remember standing still in the kitchen focusing on the different parts of my body and for the first time in three and a half years I felt almost no pain.

My mother in law and I were thrilled and she encouraged me to continue my diet. Six weeks later I returned to my dietitian. I had lost two kilos but my symptoms were dramatically reduced. 

I believe my pain is about 95% reduced. For the first time in fifteen years I have not taken medications for my period. I now have a 2 day a week permanent job at the same hospital I used to work in. I am picking up extra shifts and am able to work night shifts without severe exhaustion. My mood has improved dramatically and I am so happy.

My marriage has improved so much because I am a much nicer person to be around. Every one I know says I look so healthy even when they don't know I am on the diet.

My hair is healthy and shiny and no longer have huge bags under my eyes. My mother and father are over the moon and say I look the healthiest I have looked in years. My friends are so happy to have their bubbly, friendly, joyous friend back and I believe I am truly blessed to have found this diet.

Just believe that it might work and try it. Yes it is restrictive, yes it is difficult at time to eat out, yes you have to prepare your own food and yes you can't indulge in the foods you may have been addicted to.

I do include chocolate in my diet but it is raw, unprocessed organic dark chocolate sweetened with agave syrup and I only have around 2 or 3 small squares a day...not two huge blocks a week.

I have found a cafe in my town that serves gluten free waffles with coconut milk ice cream (also sweetened with agave syrup) and I enjoy home salted popped organic popcorn. I eat heaps of fruit, lots of nuts and dried fruit and plenty of water. I drink herbal teas and love experimenting with different combinations which I combine in a tea pot and drink with friends and family.

I have not drunk coffee in around 8 weeks and yet I have plenty of energy and can work eight hour night shifts without 'needing' a coffee. My husband loves his new wife and I love that this diet has given me my life back. 

I am just unbelievably grateful to the writer of the Endo Resolved cook book and all those people involved in creating this website. I have almost painless periods, I am back at work at a job that I love, I am a fun loving happy person and I truly believe this diet is a miracle.

God created food for us to nourish us and heal us and I will forever remember the day that changed my life. Words cannot express my gratitude to the writers of this website. You have given me back my life. It has involved a lot of hard work and determination on my part as it is not easy to cut out so many foods but the food that I cook at home is beautiful and varied.

I eat organic chicken, lots of fresh veggies and many pulses, beans and basmati rice. In essence there is still a lot of variety in my diet. My advice to you if you are reading this and suffer from endometriosis is give it a go. This is a genuine testimony, I am so thrilled with the results and if you suffer like I did I'm more than happy to correspond with you to encourage you in your journey towards healing.

Thank you to the Endo Resolved group and despite medical experts telling me it wouldn’t work, this diet has proved them wrong and I am eternally grateful. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

My husband and I are excited about the future and if my pain has reduced so significantly and I am so much healthier we now believe it is only time before I fall pregnant and we have the baby we have always dreamed of. All my love to you in your journey towards health. 

Charmaine Oosthuizen
South Africa

I've been reading the endometriosis stories and have cried bitter tears for you precious souls out there. I don't remember much about my period from when I started up til approximately 2004. I recall bad periods.

At 19 years old, I met my ex husband, we lived together and found that intercourse was quite painful. I thought this was normal. The problem periods continued and again I thought this was normal.

In about 2000 I recall having been in such severe agony on the couch that I went to have a hot bath. When getting out of the bath, I collapsed. My ex brought me to, but I never went to hospital (I was always told by family that I am a hypochondriac and my complaints were dismissed so I learned to live with it, thinking it was all in my mind).

After being married for about a year and upon an annual check up, I told the doc about my painful intercourse and periods. The doctor decided to do a laparoscopy during which he found that I had endometriosis and a golf ball sized cyst on my left ovary which he removed.

I wanted to have children, so in 2003 I got pregnant only to discover that it was a blighted ovum (where there's a 'room', but no egg inside). I went for a DNC to have it removed and I was devastated. We decided to focus our attentions elsewhere so we started Tai Chi at the local gym. I recovered quickly and barely had any pain.

I fell pregnant again and had my beautiful red-head in April 2004. Unfortunately my ex walked out in 2005 saying he wasn't cut out to be a dad. The depression gradually got worse, I hated my life. Every day was a struggle and the only thing that kept me going was my daughter.

The years went by and the symptoms got worse. I felt a lump on the lower left side of my body (just where the ovary is) and brought this to the attention of my doctor. He said I had a hernia and needed to have surgery.

I went for the hernia op. Surgery was scheduled to 'fix' the hernia which had split. They told me it would take about 20 minutes and I would be out that evening. I went in and after a 90 minute operation, they struggled to bring me out of anaesthesia. They insisted that I had to stay the night.

Being a single Mom I battled to make arrangements for my 3 year old to be taken care of. I was so sad, but alive. Since the op in 2010, the monthly period cramping has been getting really bad, to an extent that I have stabbing pains at any time during the month in any area in my tummy.

I have done tons of research as well as spoken to a homoepath about this. I am not one for medication, because I believe that you shouldn't put things inside your body that don't belong there. All medicines have side-effects which cause more damage to your insides. I believe in God and I know that HE will heal me.

I have a few suggestions which are so far working for me. You're welcome to use them if you want - bearing in mind that we are all different, and what works for one, may not work for another.

1. After an elimination diet, I now no longer eat any white carbs (rice, potatoes, nothing with wheat in it - basically anything made with white flour, including pasta, biscuits, cakes etc). These things cause blockages in the digestive system, which causes pulling, pushing and swelling.

2. Try to stay away from any form of red meats, processed foods and milk products - these are injected with hormones which cause our bodies to get messed up.

3. Eat LOTS of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables - a minimum of 5 a day will help give you the nutrients your body needs.

4. Try to drink a minimum of 1.5 litres of water a day - this helps the food digest and keeps you hydrated.

5. Try incorporate a 30 minute exercise session every morning which includes stretching and shaking - I don't know why it works, but it does.

6. Eat natural anti-inflammatory things like licorice and ginger, try get some ginger tea.

7. With the rushed lives we live, when you do go to the toilet, don't push and shove, just stop and relax your body.

8. When you have a good day, make the most of it, if you are blessed with children, do something with them - enjoy them. When you have bad days, its ok to leave the house in a mess or the dishes in the sink if you need to rest - it'll all still be there the next day!

I pray for each and every single one of you ladies out there, young and old, that you will get to know my Jesus and ask him to come into your heart and carry you through this time. and rest in the fact that someday when our bodies are no longer, we well be pain free in eternity with our precious Jesus. Be blessed. Love Charmaine 

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