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Charmaine Oosthuizen
South Africa

I've been reading the endometriosis stories and have cried bitter tears for you precious souls out there. I don't remember much about my period from when I started up til approximately 2004. I recall bad periods.

At 19 years old, I met my ex husband, we lived together and found that intercourse was quite painful. I thought this was normal. The problem periods continued and again I thought this was normal.

In about 2000 I recall having been in such severe agony on the couch that I went to have a hot bath. When getting out of the bath, I collapsed. My ex brought me to, but I never went to hospital (I was always told by family that I am a hypochondriac and my complaints were dismissed so I learned to live with it, thinking it was all in my mind).

After being married for about a year and upon an annual check up, I told the doc about my painful intercourse and periods. The doctor decided to do a laparoscopy during which he found that I had endometriosis and a golf ball sized cyst on my left ovary which he removed.

I wanted to have children, so in 2003 I got pregnant only to discover that it was a blighted ovum (where there's a 'room', but no egg inside). I went for a DNC to have it removed and I was devastated. We decided to focus our attentions elsewhere so we started Tai Chi at the local gym. I recovered quickly and barely had any pain.

I fell pregnant again and had my beautiful red-head in April 2004. Unfortunately my ex walked out in 2005 saying he wasn't cut out to be a dad. The depression gradually got worse, I hated my life. Every day was a struggle and the only thing that kept me going was my daughter.

The years went by and the symptoms got worse. I felt a lump on the lower left side of my body (just where the ovary is) and brought this to the attention of my doctor. He said I had a hernia and needed to have surgery.

I went for the hernia op. Surgery was scheduled to 'fix' the hernia which had split. They told me it would take about 20 minutes and I would be out that evening. I went in and after a 90 minute operation, they struggled to bring me out of anaesthesia. They insisted that I had to stay the night.

Being a single Mom I battled to make arrangements for my 3 year old to be taken care of. I was so sad, but alive. Since the op in 2010, the monthly period cramping has been getting really bad, to an extent that I have stabbing pains at any time during the month in any area in my tummy.

I have done tons of research as well as spoken to a homoepath about this. I am not one for medication, because I believe that you shouldn't put things inside your body that don't belong there. All medicines have side-effects which cause more damage to your insides. I believe in God and I know that HE will heal me.

I have a few suggestions which are so far working for me. You're welcome to use them if you want - bearing in mind that we are all different, and what works for one, may not work for another.

1. After an elimination diet, I now no longer eat any white carbs (rice, potatoes, nothing with wheat in it - basically anything made with white flour, including pasta, biscuits, cakes etc). These things cause blockages in the digestive system, which causes pulling, pushing and swelling.

2. Try to stay away from any form of red meats, processed foods and milk products - these are injected with hormones which cause our bodies to get messed up.

3. Eat LOTS of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables - a minimum of 5 a day will help give you the nutrients your body needs.

4. Try to drink a minimum of 1.5 litres of water a day - this helps the food digest and keeps you hydrated.

5. Try incorporate a 30 minute exercise session every morning which includes stretching and shaking - I don't know why it works, but it does.

6. Eat natural anti-inflammatory things like licorice and ginger, try get some ginger tea.

7. With the rushed lives we live, when you do go to the toilet, don't push and shove, just stop and relax your body.

8. When you have a good day, make the most of it, if you are blessed with children, do something with them - enjoy them. When you have bad days, its ok to leave the house in a mess or the dishes in the sink if you need to rest - it'll all still be there the next day!

I pray for each and every single one of you ladies out there, young and old, that you will get to know my Jesus and ask him to come into your heart and carry you through this time. and rest in the fact that someday when our bodies are no longer, we well be pain free in eternity with our precious Jesus. Be blessed. Love Charmaine 

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