Told pregnancy would cure endometriosis

This is a common story where women with endometriosis are being told by their doctor that pregnancy will cure their endometriosis 

This is Angie’s story …..


I am 30 years old and have been diagnosed with Endometriosis for 8 years. Age 13 I started having cramps so bad that I would go see the nurse in school. The school nurse would tell me to lay down for a while, then send me back to class in tears. I thought this was normal. I remember right before I ended up diagnosed my husband and I were living at his parent's house while we were going through settlement on our house.


I got my period and cramps and didn't want to be seen crying so I went to our bedroom. I completely passed out as I was trying to walk to the bed. They heard a "Ka-Boom" in the living room and came running in to check on me after not answering their calls to me.


As I came to, I was crying hysterically and my mother-in-law drugged me up on Nyquil so I could "sleep it off".


The next day I made an appointment with a GYN. My GYN told me he suspected Endometriosis and scheduled me for a Laparoscopy and said he would do laser ablation if it was found to be Endometriosis. I went home and informed my family what the doctor told me and my mother-in-law remarks "Oh, so there really may be something wrong with you." How nice!!


A week later I went for my Laparoscopy and laser surgery as treatment for my endometriosis. At my post op the doctor wanted to put me on Lupron which I refused because it was very expensive and my insurance wouldn't cover it. My GYN asked if my husband and I wanted children and I said yes.


So instead of putting me on meds he told me to get pregnant and any remaining Endometriosis would be cured.


Two months after my surgery and my attempts to get pregnant my pain returned. I didn't want to go on hormones because I wanted to have children so I would take pain pills to try and "take the edge off" and continued for a year trying to get pregnant. After a year of no baby, I went to see a fertility specialist.


Many, many fertility drugs later and still no children.


Divorce came soon after. Along with divorce came no medical insurance. Years and years of distressing symptoms so bad I couldn't get out of bed, yet alone work. I would see my family doctor who would give me my medications.


I couldn't afford to go to another GYN. So I lived like that many years. To present still no insurance, still horrendous symptoms. My new family doc (I moved) has told me to get a hysterectomy. I found an Endometriosis specialist that has agreed to review my records.


I sent my request for my records to be sent and awaiting my review. If all goes well, I will be going to GA for Excision surgery. I am very excited at the prospect. If this works then I will not have to get a hysterectomy and may even be able to have children. After 8 years of trying!!! So wish me luck!! God bless all you lovely ladies out there with Endometriosis. Love, Angie 

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