Four surgeries and still in pain


Chelsea has had four surgeries for endometriosis and is still in pain and dose not want to go on drug treatment due to her active life

This is Chelsea's story .....

When I was 16 years old I started experiencing lower abdominal cramps. I went to my OB/GYN on a regular basis to try and figure out the cause. First I was prescribed birth control pills, this did not work. After about a year of getting the run around, my doctor decided to do an exploratory surgery.


During this surgery she found severe endometriosis. She removed what she could. About three months later, my problems came back. My parents and I looked into finding a specialist. We found a doctor in Atlanta, GA. Because he was a specialist, I had to apply to be his patient.


He accepted me and then came the fight with my insurance company because he was an out-of-network doctor. They finally agreed to pay for a portion of my surgery. Dr. Ken Sinvero performed surgery on me and found more endometriosis. His practice is to actually cut the endometriosis out.


After a year of being pain-free, it came back


I went back to Dr. Sinvero and he again performed surgery. This time there was no endometriosis found, only adhesions. Well after about 6 months, the pain came back. My doctor ordered a CT scan and the results showed a large mass on my left ovary. So back to Atlanta I went.


They did in fact find a mass and removed it and my left ovary. I went to a reproductive specialist at the University of Virginia. The doctor thought that the problem could be damaged nerve endings. After trying two medications, my abdominal pain is still there. Now the doctor wants me to try Lupron Depot.


My other doctors have suggested this same treatment over the years, but I've always been too scared to try it. This time, I'm really considering it. I work as a Certified Personal Trainer and am extremely active, so this treatment could affect my career. I just don't know what to do and I'm running out of options.


After four surgeries, I still hurt every day.I have many days where I can barely function because of the symptoms.


I'm an extremely outgoing person and for the first time in my life I am starting to get depressed. I don't know if I should try the Lupron injections or not. I've tried changing my food, but didn't notice a difference. My husband would like children in the future.  


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