Four hour surgery for endometriosis

When Donnika was finally diagnosed with endometriosis she had a four hour surgery to remove the disease and was then put on Lupron and she if lucky to have minimal side effects

This is Donnika’s story …..

I found out I have endometriosis two months ago. I also had very bad periods and also thought it was normal. I started a new job this past summer and that's when my life change forever and not for the better. I started having very bad cramps every day. I didn't want to leave my house some days because I was running to the bathroom every ten minutes.


My back hurt so bad that I would lie in the bathtub for hours. On Feb 6, I remember the day like it was yesterday.


It was a Sunday I was lying in my bed and then the agony hit. I could not even walk, I crawled into my bathroom and put water on my face. I called my best friend and told her she need to come to my apartment asap. She came running over, when she got there I was lying on my kitchen floor in a ball. I told her to call 911.


She calls, they came and took me to the ER. There were no rooms left in the ER so I was on a bed in the hall way for six hours. They ran test after test for six hours before they came out and said I needed surgery.


I was a mess at this point, all I could think about is my son and how I was never going to see him again. I refuse to go to the operating room until I heard my son's voice. The doctor told my family it would be an hour and half surgery. It ended up being four hours.


When I woke up I felt like I got hit by a bus, and I had 25 staples on my stomach. I was in the hospital for a week. The doctor came in and told me I had a bad case of endometriosis. I have never heard of it or what I need to do so I started reading everything I could find on it.


I just started the lupron injection and so far the side effects are not that bad. I still have pain but nothing like before my surgery. I am so scared and I feel like no one understands what I am going through. I want more children and I don't know if I can have more.


My family thinks I am driving myself crazy by reading so much about endometriosis. I feel like it’s the only thing that is getting me by, is hearing people who know what I am up against stories. I read so many stories of people who had three and four surgeries and still have the disease.


I don't know if I can take another surgery. I still don't have all my energy back from my last one.


I am a very independent person and after my surgery I could not even walk to the bathroom by myself. My parents moved in with me for a month to help me take care of my son and my home. I have so many questions like why did this happen to me? What did I do wrong? 

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