Successful IVF treatment and endometriosis

Some women have only been able to have children with endometriosis with the help of IVF treatment and this is Brandi’s experience.

This is Brandi’s story ….


Hello, well now I'm soon to be 38 yrs old. I never thought I would be writing such a letter. It started when I turned 17yrs. old. The symptoms were bad at times but it wasn't going to keep me in on a Friday night. As a few years passed bye, I knew something else was wrong.


At 19yrs. old I had my first endoscopy surgery. It was a lot harder than I thought it would ever be. I was told that having kids would be a slim chance. That was the one thing in life I never wanted to hear. I'm the oldest of 5 kids. I always thought I would have many little ones running around my legs in a room full of toys. God had other plans for me.

But at that time in life and also that young, I didn't understand what was planned for me. My thought was that I would be like my mother. Who was able to become pregnant as easy as saying hello (not really but you understand what I mean)?


For my mother's oldest it was not so easy for me. At this time in life I found the man I was going to marry. Life for us both was hard. I had 4 surgeries to remove Endometriosis. which the Doctor told me every time, Brandi I think I got it all, I did my best.


Going home in pain and hopeful for what might come next. Well, let’s say it never did. Not on my own that is. After 5yrs of trying to have a baby with an Endocrinologist, IVF was are only step. We heard those words your (let’s say) eggs are doing great. We can remove 10 next week.


Now at the age of 26yrs old I knew that my day would come. The day for the transfer 6 eggs were removed. We waited 3 days for the call from our doctor saying your dish is pregnant. My hubby and I laughed and ask when are our babies being but back in me.


The years and the pain and all the lost we had to deal with. We saw my doctor a week later to put the 3 eggs inside me. I was too scared I wanted to walk on my hands (hand stand) for the next week. When our blood test came back it was now a sure thing, we were having a baby or babies.


Life as we have known it was going to change and fast. We had triplets and lost one at 9 weeks. Our twins today are doing well. Madalyn and Patrick now 10yrs old. are doing well for being 7 weeks early. I was told I don't think that your Endometriosis will come back now. But it did.


When my twins were 1 1/2 I had a full hysterectomy 3 days after my 30th birthday. I did all the reading I could get my hands on, but it never set my heart on how I would feel after the surgery. When the words are you cannot have kids, from maybe you might not be able to have kids.


For a woman, that was over whelming for me. Now hitting 38yrs old, with no female organs and have Endometriosis and bladder problems (PLEASE ALWAYS HAVE YOUR DOCTOR CHECK YOUR BLADDER BEFORE A HYSTERECTOMY). The answer will change your life. 

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