Endometriosis, multiple treatments and hypothyroid

This is a common story from Ryan of having endometriosis, trying multiple treatments that did not work and also being diagnosed with hypothyroidism

This is Ryan’s story …..

I started my period the summer I was turning 11. My first period was not that bad, but from then on it was horrible, I would miss three days a month of school and the pain medicine that the Dr. would give me never helped, not to mention, my periods were always late and they would last anywhere from 7-9 days.


I even had to see an OBGYN when I was thirteen and it was extremely scary for me at the time and he told me that by being on the pill, that it would regulate my periods and it would make them lighter as well as shorter.


But it didn't work and he retired, so I started going to a female OBGYN when I was 18 and I told her of my past history and she said that I would just have to deal with it.


I finally got upset enough that she would not look into why my periods were as bad as they were, and my Grandmother had been reading about Endometriosis and recommended that I talk to her about it, but she would here none of it.


Finally, when I was 25 and newly married who is in the Navy, we had just moved from Charleston, SC our home to Groton, CT for his duty station, I was still having trouble with my periods. One night in early November I just started having a really sharp stabbing knife pain in my lower abdomen and was in pain for eight days until my Navy Dr. decided to outsource me to an OBGYN off base.


But the OBGYN Dr. I saw told me to leave and go to the ER since it was not OBGYN related, so I called my husband and we went to the ER again for the 4th time and Thank the LORD the Dr. that morning said he would get to the bottom of it and let the head Dr. at the OBGYN know about the experience I had with his doctor.


He also told him that I had a cyst on both ovaries. The cyst on the left side was the size of an orange and the right side was the size of a golf ball. The next morning when I saw Dr. Auerbach I had emergency surgery that day and that is when he discovered I had stage 3 or 4 endometriosis.


I was then referred to Yale New Haven to a Fertility Specialist and I had two laparoscopic surgeries within the year for endometriosis and 12 months total on Lupron Depot shots and had to have a hysterectomy at the age of 27 years old.


Since then I have been diagnosed with being hypothyroid (underactive thyroid disease), not to mention I am 30 going on 31 now and am being seen by a Gastroenterologist to figure out whether endometriosis is back on my colon, or whether I have Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, or possibly Lupus.


In my personal opinion I think that all of these diseases have a connection since a lot of women that I have talked to have hypothyroid disease as well as either Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and/or Lupus now.


I know that the Lord will get my husband and me through this trial and yes it is somewhat heart-breaking that we can't have a child together, but I know that things work together for those that love the Lord. Thanks, Ryan Campbell 

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