Sweating, vomiting and severe period pains

Lauren has severe pain with her periods and cannot afford surgery to get a proper endometriosis diagnosis and does not know whether to go on the birth control pill to get some relief


This is Lauren’s story …..

Well I am 20 yrs old fun outgoing girl. I first got my period when I was 16 (late bloomer I know) and I always was in severe pain on the first day of my period which everyone told me was part of being a woman, and that cramps were normal, but now at 20 yrs old I find myself awakened in sleep in agony.


I am curled up in a ball crying, sweating, vomiting, rocking back and forth praying for it to stop, it truly is unbearable.


Today is march and I haven’t had my period since November, almost 4 months now. I have had pain in my tummy, aches in my back, and I have noticed a bald spot on my head which developed I guess in the last few months (not sure if its related to my endometriosis).


I have had a lot of symptoms the last few months which I thought was a cyst on my ovaries, which I have had 5 cysts rupture since I was 18 so far. But I went to the obgyn yesterday and he diagnosed me with endometriosis and secondary amenorrhoea, at first it didn't seem so bad until I read all the complications that come with endometriosis.


I have no insurance so surgery is unthinkable. The doctor wants to put me on birth control pills and induce my period but I wonder if the nuva ring was maybe a cause to my period not coming. I started using the ring in august and stopped using the nuva ring April the following year, abruptly due to my insurance being dropped.


I also heard that it may, or will be hard for me to conceive babies. I am so upset, sad and lonely now because I feel that no man will want me. I feel like I am broken and no man will marry a woman who can't make babies.


In fact I feel I'm not even a woman any more - like the one thing that is the most beautiful amazing part of womanhood I can’t even do! We are put on this earth to reproduce and if I can't I feel like a failure, like I have no purpose in life!


Anyways I dunno what to do, should I get on the birth control pills, should I just get the surgery, what if I choose nothing and I just wait it out and see if my period will ever come and maybe my body will ovulate again. Does anyone know what will happen if I leave it untreated.


The physical pain I feel isn't really the worst part it’s how I feel as a woman BROKEN.


I read that infertility is the 3rd reason for divorce. This worries me so much. I am in constant pain and I don't like painkillers (percocet, vicoden) because they make me vomit and feel funny so I find myself popping 6-8 advils a day, and in the end, it doesn't relive the pain.


The best thing I find is a heating pad but I can't have a heating pad all day in school or at work. Please pray for me as I will pray for you as well :) sincerely lauren g 


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