Eight surgeries for endometriosis

Eight surgeries and losing all hope – this is Karla’s story and one that many women will find very familiar.  She was constantly told that  surgery would fix her pain and it never has

This is Karla’s story …..

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis (finally) approximately 5 years ago. At age 21 I had a partial hysterectomy done (uterus and tubes) they had left the ovaries so that I wouldn’t go through menopause.


They had told me that with the partial hysterectomy that it would cure all the pain and all the symptoms. What a surprise didn't help. 3 years later I ended up getting an ovary removed. Which once again they told me would relieve my pain. Well guess what? didn't work again!


At this point I was more than frustrated with the situation. I went back to the Dr for them to tell me that it was basically all in my head, here are some meds go home and rest. I went back fed up with the entire situation and told them that something needed to be done.


So they took me in for a laparoscopy and told me that they had removed it and everything was going to be fine. Well Surprise..It didn't work


Here I was going through this process yet again. However this time was a little different, not only was I suffering in pain with no offer of any help medically, but I was also slipping into depression. I was hurting in more ways than one. I went back to the Dr and told him that on top of the pain of the Endometriosis I was slipping into a depression, and that I was scared about how I was feeling.


Part of the depression had a lot to do with the disease but it also had a lot to do with feeling like less of a woman due to the hysterectomy. But it also had to do with suffering and having no help medically what so ever.


So here I am today with just recently having my 8th surgery for endometriosis.


There are no support groups, specialists or nothing in Canada to offer any help of any kind. I have lost jobs, time off work, and have been robbed not only of my female parts but robbed from enjoying life with my family.


I have now made it my mission to do everything and anything that I can to make more awareness in Canada as well as doing everything I can to set up some means of support.


Since my 8th surgery I am once again back at square one and am currently seeking out an Endometriosis specialist.


By the looks of things I am going out of country to do this and I think that this is ridiculous. There should be more services. Government grants ( for loss of income), Support as well as specialists that specialize in only this..


My hat is off to all of you going through this horrendous disease. I wish nothing but the best to all of you. And if I can be of any support to anyone please do not hesitate to email me. I am more than willing to listen and offer a shoulder of support. 


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