Endometriosis returns soon after surgery

Jemma had surgery to remove an ovarian cyst caused by endometriosis but her pain returned only three weeks after surgery. She was put on Provera but felt suicidal on the drug and stopped taking it

This is Jemma's story ....

Well it’s like most of the people on here, where do you start? I have tried reading through other people’s stories, trying to relate them to my own symptoms but each person’s case is different. I am 22 and engaged to be married next year. I started my periods when i was 13, the same age as my mum.


I always had irregular periods but whilst going through my teens I never really thought about it. When I met my partner I was in the Royal Air Force so I was fit and healthy with all the exercise I had to do, and I met my partner while I was in the RAF.


One weekend when I came home from base (I am sorry if this offends anyone, it’s not my intention) I was being intimate with my partner and I felt a stabbing aches near my left ovary. I am the type of person who just shrugs things off so I never did anything about it.


I left the RAF due to various circumstances and moved in with my partner, after that the symptoms got worse. After about 6 months I went to see my GP and he said to take some tablets and come back. I was back within 2 weeks as the pain was shocking.


When I told the doctor were my symptoms were, he did an internal and said that it was bowel related. I explained to him that the problem was coming from the area around my left ovary. Well I presumed the GP was right and went to see a bowel specialist.


After numerous internals and a ultra sound scan they discovered I had a cyst about the size of a walnut on my left ovary. After finding this out they finally sent me to gynaecologist and I had a laparoscopy done and that is when they found the endometriosis.


They said they had burnt it off and my cyst has disappeared so I was over the moon and glad that it was sorted, only my happiness was short lived. After 4 weeks my partner and myself were being intimate and I was nearly crying with agony. I never went to the doctors because I thought maybe I had rushed into it, but the doctor said we could after about 3-4 weeks.


It started to get worse, I started cramping over in pain at work and sitting on a chair brought the stabbing aches on. I went back to the doctor and he placed me on provera.


Well after 3 weeks of taking them I was ready for jumping off a bridge so I told the doctor I refused to take them anymore


I am now back with gynaecologist, waiting to go for another scan then waiting even longer for something to be done. I am wanting to start a family next year so I am getting nervous about the whole situation now. My partner is amazing he has been with me through it all, although we can't be intimate because the agony is unreal, he says he does not mind, I DO.


I feel like I have been let down, I am back to square one and have all this on my mind while trying to sort out a wedding and working full time. I am so grateful to other people sharing their story of endometriosis because it makes me feel like I am not on my own. 

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