Multiple tests, final endometriosis diagnosis and only offered Lupron 

After going to multiple doctors and having many tests Dina still did not have answers to her painful symptoms.  She finally found a doctor who took her seriously, had a laparoscopy where endometriosis was found.  Her new doctor could only suggest Lupron to treat her endometriosis and she is now very concerned.

This is Dina’s story …

I was just diagnosed with Endometriosis in June when I had a laparoscopy. I got my period when I was 13. Since then I have never been "regular" and I've been on probably 5 different BC pills. The first time I had the excruciating painful episode, I was 16 and asked to leave class to go to the restroom. I immediately fell on the floor in the bathroom in agony and started crying.


I called my parents to take me to the ER. I have been to the ER many times since then because the pain was so bad that my parents didn't know what else to do. I was on the floor crying. Of course every time that I went to the ER they said "unexplainable abdominal pain" Like that was supposed to make me feel better.


I went to many gastros, gyn's, and other specialists. I had upper GI's, lower GI's a colonoscopy, when I was 16. CT's, MRI's everything you could think of. Most of them thought I just had IBS.


I didn't have ANY of those symptoms. I've had lower back ache ever since I can remember, and my parents always thought it was ridiculous that I was in pain all the time, and that I was exaggerating.


When I came to school in Orlando I found a new GYN that my sister-in-law suggested. She was great at first. She seemed enthusiastic about trying to help me figure out what this pain was from. She scheduled me to have a trans-vaginal ultra sound. That was THE MOST PAINFUL thing in my entire life. Of course it found NOTHING. Then she gave up, but she assured me I definitely did NOT have endometriosis!


Then the next time I went to the ER they did another trans-vaginal ultra sound! ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! I insisted I had just had one but they wanted to do it anyways.


Finally I went to a new gastro and he thought I had a hernia and suggested a General Surgeon. And that's when I finally had the laparoscopy and she found endometriosis. So I searched for a new GYN to help me because my old one insisted I didn't have endometriosis, so I wasn't going back to her.


So I found one that was apparently supposed to be the BEST! He really is! I love him and I've never had a male GYN so I was surprised. But, he suggested the Lupron. He's 100% behind it and said that if I was his daughter he'd put me on it. But now I read all of these horror stories and I'm concerned. Any suggestions?? 

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