Endometriosis all over uterus, bladder and ligaments

Jessica had period pain so bad she used to be close to throwing up and passing out due to endometriosis scattered around her abdomen and this is her story

This is Jessica’s story …..


I started having terrible periods as a teenager (you know, the usual problems, hot flashes, nausea) and as a result was on oral contraceptives until I got married and tried to have children. My husband and I tried for 2 and 1/2 years with no success.


Meanwhile, my periods got worse. I was literally on my hands and knees in the kitchen trying not to throw up and pass out from this agony each month.


Then another fun symptom cropped up. I had extreme urinary urgency and terrible abdominal cramps and bloating all of the time, along with constant vaginal bleeding.


I saw my urologist and gynaecologist. First I was sent to the ER because they thought I had appendicitis which was NOT the case. Then I was put on antibiotics for 4 months straight even though all of my urine cultures were negative for infection. After listening to several urologists tell me it may be interstitial cystitis or "all in my head", I found a gynaecologist that told me I probably have endometriosis.


He did a laparoscopy and found endometriosis all over my bladder, uterus and utero-sacral ligaments


 He only burned the surfaces of them though so the surgery was a failure. He tried to get me to take Depo Lupron and I refused. Depo Lupron is NOT a cure for endometriosis, and the side effects and cost are not worth wasting your time. It is used to treat symptoms temporarily and does NOT make the disease go away.


I am still having terrible urinary urgency, pain and am very depressed. I am now going to see a specialist that is going to cut out the endometriosis as well as the cyst on my bladder. I have been to many doctors in this whole process and have been very sad and frustrated.

I have found that diet, massage therapy and exercise are the only things that help me right now.


My heart goes out to every woman that suffers with this disease and those that don't know they have it yet. You need to be persistent with your doctors and if they are rude or won't treat you, GET A SECOND OPINION. Most gynaecologists are not properly trained to deal with endometriosis. They are paid 2 to 3 time as much money to deliver babies than to do endometriosis surgeries and would rather not "deal" with patients like myself.


Just don't give up, find a specialist and you will eventually find the answers you are looking for. I will add more after my second surgery. 

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