Cysts, fibroids and endometriosis

After having a scan Katherine was diagnosed as having cysts, fibroids and endometriosis, having suffer painful periods for years and had surgery to remove the endometriosis

This is Katherine’s story ….

I have had painful menses for years and the pain would worsen over time. The last couple of months, I still felt the pain even after the cycle is over. I have been on painkillers for years to suppress the painful menses cramps and I thought it was normal for a woman to have painful cramps during her menses. Sexual intercourse hurt too. I confided in a friend who told me to go for a scan.


I had the opportunity to attend a Talk on Fertility and it was during the three hour talk that I learned about cysts, fibroids, endometriosis and fertility. I went for a thorough scan after the talk and discovered I had all the 3 symptoms (cysts, fibroids and endometriosis) with high tumor markers, which mean I had to remove my uterus if it’s cancerous.


I had my surgery in March and luckily it was not malignant so that was a huge relief


I am still on the road to recovery as I understand it will take at least 6 months for the internal scars to heal. I was given a jab to stop my menses for 6 months so that the internal can heal well. Of course, I felt the symptoms of someone who is having a menopause (hot flushes, moody, fatigue).


My gynae told me we will take a step at a time as I wanted very much to conceive having been married for 9 years. She told me a chance of me conceiving is slim as my left fallopian tube may be blocked and the right has a lot of scarring.


She can only determine when she does an x-ray when I have my 1st cycle again. I read endometriosis is cause by hormone upset (eg: when a woman is in a wrong relationship and is depressed). I have been depressed for the longest time (8 years) as my best friend and hubby betrayed me by having an affair. I am still in the same marriage as I love the man.


I hope to heal well and be able to conceive a child and it’s sad when I am currently surrounded by colleagues and friends who are pregnant. Having read the testimonials and articles, I am convinced there is help.


I will be watching my diet with high fibre food now and reduce my intake of red meat, chocolates, dairy food (all my favorite), go for acupuncture combined with Chinese herbs and sign up for yoga, to think positive and have an inner peace. I hope to have good news of having a child end of the year. 



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