Advised to have a hysterectomy

This story from an endometriosis sufferer who was advised to have a hysterectomy by her doctor but doing her research she realised that this will not treat her endometriosis


This is Rhonda’s story …..

Mine is such a similar story to all of these but I just had to add mine with hopes that someone will read it and know they too are not alone in this. I read and read until I cannot read these stories anymore, but each time I read, I find great comfort in knowing that I am not alone. For me, my period started 2 weeks before my 11th birthday, rather on the young side.


They were so heavy for a little girl to have to deal with, and usually lasting seven days.

I will always remember how bad I used to feel when my teacher would take me aside and tell me I was seeping through my clothes with blood and getting dismissed on a regular basis. This was not due to lack of hygiene, it was just more than a little girl could handle I think at the time.


I went years like this chalking it up to me being the unlucky one, I just get bad periods. As a late teen I went on birth control to use as birth control and nothing else. I stayed on it for several years and did have two children.


With a busy life with 2 children and a job, I just plugged on through these symptoms calling it PMS. Well, as the years went by seeing countless doctors and gyns and numerous visits to the ER, now, after 10-12 years, I was just recently diagnosed with Endometriosis, a fibroid and physiological cysts.


The symptoms I experience monthly before a period are debilitating and have ruined my life.


This doctor, the one I saw in June two months ago, was the FIRST doctor to acknowledge my pain and diagnosis. Before him, all others just "suspected" I had endometriosis. Oh, I have had my fair share of poor treatment and degrading treatment from doctors, so, when this doctor was sure I had Endometriosis it was a major milestone.


He advised a TLH (Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy) which I am scheduled to have in September. But, not so fast. Through some reputable websites including this one, I got some really good advice to seek out an Endometriosis Specialist before I make such a drastic decision and undergo a total hysterectomy.


I see the endometriosis specialist on Thursday and I hope he has some alternative treatment ideas to deal with all of this. From reading all of these stories I am very angry today. I don't want to go on lupron and some of those horrible medications.


I like who I am when I'm not in pain and I am mad that this always seems to be the ONLY way to treat this. As if ripping everything out isn't enough, the medical world has to use all these toxic drugs for the treatment for endometriosis. I just thought my story, of how it has led to things thus far might help out someone in some way.


I will continue to keep an open mind and explore all my options though before I go through a hysterectomy. At least there will never be any regrets because I know that I have explored all options by seeing the specialist. 

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