Endometriosis left undiagnosed

Sam was put on high doses of antibiotics for a mis-diagnosis of PID, and all along she had endometriosis. But taking all the anti-biotics meant she had to terminate a pregnancy due to possible damage they may have caused

This is Sam’s story …..


Well I'm not sure where to begin really, My name is Sam and I am 28 married with 3 kids aged 11,6 & 2 years and I have never done this before so bear with me please lol! I have suffered with quite terrible symptoms for the past 2 years or so. After the birth of my son, back pain, pelvic pain, constipation or the other random vomiting, mood swings, hot flushes, anxiety, depression & tiredness!


After numerous trips back and forth to the doctors I was told I had anxiety so was given beta blockers & diazepam. Then I was told its IBS so was given buscopan for cramps and spasms etc... still nothing.


So in July last year I went for a routine smear and explained once again to the doctor how I am sick of feeling the way I do - pain on intercourse, hot flushes mood swings, feeling sick, severe cramps on periods like you wouldn't believe (unless you suffer with endometriosis too), so full bloods taken and all came back fine, & then this is where things got worse!


After having my smear test done, 4 days later I was in complete AGONY and my husband took me up to A&E to be told I must have PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) or an std (at which I was mortified being as I'm married and my husband is with me EVERYDAY as we work from home together).


So they controlled my pain, took loads of swabs and sent me home with boxes of co-codamol & very strong high doses of antibiotics without a diagnosis, just the presumption I had PID and was told my results would be back within a week.


So a week passes by and I'm STILL in agony... call the doctors for results of swabs ..expecting to hear I had this so called PID as the doctor at hospital had stated it most possibly was... RESULTS ALL CLEAR!! But was advised to continue with my antibiotics until I had completed the course even though I had NO infection of any sort!


So ok then, random maybe it was, something else no idea and carried on with my day to day life. 2 weeks later, yup you guessed it, there I was yet again doubled over pains in my right side of my pelvic area, so off to A&E yet again, arrived at the hospital to explain the SAME symptoms yet again, this time to be told maybe you have a cyst ... stayed in overnight with medication to go for scans the next day.


Scans showed NO cysts, nothing, no infection, no abnormality so once again more medication and sent back home very upset and disappointed and frustrated at this point.


So back home I went again, then I have a letter arrive in the post saying my smear was abnormal & that I had cn3 and needed to have it removed, I thought ahh, well maybe all this pain is related to this and once I have had it treated things will begin to calm down.


How wrong was I! My appointment was made for November, at this point we are only in the start of August, so yet again the symptoms continued and just got worse leaving me in tears almost all the time every day.


So I decided to take a test & yup there it was, the 2 blue lines telling me I was pregnant. My stomach knotted up and off I went to the doctors, to be told that after all the medication I’d been given the past month that it would not be advised to continue my pregnancy as the baby could be severely damaged.


My heart sank and I just felt numb... so the day after my birthday I had to go for a termination which goes against everything I stand for, and I haven’t dealt with it all very well since then at all and it gets worse further down the story!!!


This broke my heart as I would be due any time now.( In November I had surgery to my cervix, LETTZ treatment to remove the pre-cancerous cells all done fine, minus the fact that the consultant had managed to cut my vaginal wall!!! So that was that. I came home sore and bruised as expected and all seemed ok for the first week or so.


Then yup yet again here came all the pains, so I just put up with it taking tablets every day, crying most days, moody horrible to live with to be honest... I carried on like this until March this year when the symptoms became sooo terribly bad I honestly thought I was dying of some nasty horrid illness.


I was in AGONY for days, so back to the doctor I went in tears and this time I saw a different doctor and had to tell her that I wasn't going to put up with it any more, refer me to a consultant privately as I had had enough and didn't care what it cost to make me again!


She was lovely and took the time to go through lots of things with me and referred me asap without needing to go private. 2 days later my appointment came through, I went to the hospital to see my first gyne consultant.


He spent around 10 minutes with me and straight away said you have endometriosis and I'd be surprised if it wasn't! He also told me how the other hospital should not have kept giving me high doses of antibiotics like they did without a diagnosis first, which if they hadn't of done I would of been able to keep our baby which broke my heart so much.


I was SO ANGRY AND UPSET with the other hospital as I feel I was fobbed off and I'm the one who paid dearly for it!!! 

I was booked in for surgery within a week and a half of seeing him for a laparoscopy for treatment, which I had done on the 14th March. All went well and I had LOADS of endometriosis throughout my pelvic area and the pain was horrid for 2 days, and then I started to feel better and finally thought YES it's over, silly silly me!!


Yesterday  I woke up, was doing breakfast etc and there it was that HORRID pain I used to get when I need a bowel movement when on my cycle. I just doubled over and broke down in tears, and this morning I am SO SAD & fed up and frustrated as I thought this would be the end for a while.

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