Ectopic pregnancy with endometriosis

Norma started with pain from an early age then went on birth control to help her pain. Later she suffered an ectopic pregnancy and had surgery where endometriosis was found

This is Norma’s story …..

By the time I was 12 my mother had already taken me to 3 Dr’s about my hormones and acne and severe painful sensations in my pelvic area. Growing up in a small town wasn't helpful either there were only a limited amount of Doctors my poor mother could take me to. Every Dr told my mother that once I started my period my body would start to regulate my hormones and the pain would also subside since they were growing pains after all.


I finally did start my period when I was 14yrs but with even more pelvic pain. My mother and father did not have a lot of money so my mother attributed my agony to menstrual cramps. I went on like this for years never having a regular period and being on birth control made me feel like an outsider especially when I didn’t even have a boyfriend.


Sometimes I would skip my period for 1-2 years at a time. When I was 24, working as a general manager for a burrito place, I was sent home with a severe ache in my left side and bottom right side of my stomach. I did not go to the ER thinking that it was just a bad case of gas.

Two days later I had made a Mexican buffet for my husband’s family and later that night, in fact right after being intimate with my husband, was hit with excruciating pain in my gut.


I threw up and had diarrhoea and after each there was still no relief. My husband and mother demanded that I go to the ER and finally after hearing my mother say "unless you want to her to die on the couch!" I finally went in.


Long story short, I had internal bleeding from an ectopic pregnancy and was rushed to surgery to save my life. Three weeks went by and I had a follow up with the gyno Dr who operated on me. During the consultation he advised me that he found endometriosis and that he did have to remove my right fallopian tube and some of the endometriosis on my uterus.


He advised me that I would have to stay on BC to regulate my periods and if me and my husband wanted to have children then I would have lots of problems and most likely would have to monitor my ovulating time to get pregnant. Even if I did get pregnant I would have lots of problems staying pregnant and be high risk. 

Now I am 27 years old and having severe cramping, still having irregular periods and as the months go by am having to stay home in bed with pain meds and heating pad with no relief. My gyno is over booked as well as other obgyn and oncologist here and have not been treated for my endometriosis. I have horrible nausea and lower back ache and my stomach is always in knots and is in excruciating pain all of the time.


I live with the painful symptoms every day, but when it becomes worse, I am not even able to eat, sleep, go to work or even go to the bathroom without having unreal pain.


My husband is wonderful and takes care of me. I feel really bad because I have missed so much work and have had my husband miss work to take care of my when I am not able to get out of bed.


The worse thing is that my husband at age 24 was diagnosed with MS, and we have to take turns taking care of each other. He is currently in relapsing remitting MS and this year has already not been good to us. If anyone has any ideas on home treatments I can try I would greatly appreciate it. I have been looking for others who share the same feelings that I have.


These past few months I have been very emotional and depressed. I feel alone and unwanted even though my husband reassures me every chance he gets. I have been to 5 doctors in the past 2 months and I feel like the dr's think I’m going crazy.


I never knew that hormones help feed endometriosis and am glad I never started the hormone treatments.


But is there a specific type of dr or specialist I need to go see. I have good insurance and have a reg. gyno. but I need help with this pain. Thanks to all the women who wish to share their feelings with us who understand your suffering. 

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