Endometriosis fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

Nancy has had eleven surgeries as endometriosis had spread all over her abdomen and she also has to deal with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue


This is Nancy Ann’s story ….

Hi, I was 29 when I started to have these awful periods. I would cramp and bleed very bad, of course as a teen I had very painful periods as well. I had two children and both by c-section. After my second child was born I had my tubes burnt and tied. BIG mistake! I wouldn't have done it at all, but I didn't want another child at the time. I was 25, and two was all I wanted.


When I was 29 like I said things changed, symptoms of very bad periods, cramps, PMS, heavy bleeding. I went to get my yearly check up and I knew he would find something wrong with me. I got the phone call, he wanted me in his office for biopsies.


He said I had a pap to come back and it didn't look good. So off I went through a very painful day at the doctors office. I had pre-cancer cells, I was scared and knew that wasn't all that was there.


Endometriosis can't be found unless you find it inside your body. An x-ray won't find it. Well after finding the pre-cancer cells and I had a family history of cancer I didn't want to take the chance of it spreading. I was going into cancer, at 29 just like my Aunt did. 

So I had a Hysterectomy, they removed everything but one ovary. My doctor told me after the surgery that I had Endometriosis, and it had been there ever since my son was born. I had it for 5 1/2 years.


The endometriosis had spread all over my pelvis, it was like gum they said. It was all over my bladder, bowel, ovaries, tubes, you name it, it was on it. They burned it all off of everything. After all that I was fine for a while.


Years went by, I had a cyst come up on my ovary that was left. It was big, and needed to come out. It was causing too much pain. So I went in and they cut me again where I had my c-section. The Doc told me that my endometriosis had come back and they had to burn it away again.

Years have passed now, I am 42. (I have had eleven surgeries through my life time.) I am still scared of it returning, because I have been having some pain in my pelvis like before. I suffer from Chronic Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia.


I have been sick for years now. I have lost over 66 pounds because of all the sickness. I can't gain weight if I do I lose it in 3 days. I am very tried a lot, and I have run a low-grade fever for 2 years now.


I am on hormone replacement Celestin, I am also going to a pain management doctor, and I take muscle relaxers and pills everyday just so i can get out of bed. If I am not too tired, I get out of bed, my body aches all the time. I use to feel great, I was wonder mom for years. I don't know what happened, I have been through every test known to man and nothing.


I see a shrink, I am on Xanax for the stress of just everyday living. I am blessed though I have a supportive hubby, he loves me a lot. He is always there for me when I feel my worse. 


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