My endometriosis found to be severe when I was seventeen years old

LeeAnn started her periods early and when she had surgery at seventeen years old it was found she has severe endometriosis and seven years later is waiting for another surgery

This is LeeAnn’s story …… 

Ok where to even begin! I started having my period when I was 11 years old. Things went downhill from there. My pain was severe from the beginning. At 16 I was pretty fed up with living life this way, did some research on the internet and found endometriosis.


I tried explaining to my doctor, who thought I was nuts by the way, and after 9 months of trying to convince her I needed a laparoscopy, it finally happened.


I was diagnosed at 17 and was told that the extent of my endometriosis was pretty severe


I was told that I would never get pregnant and if i did it would end in miscarriage. When I turned 21 I got pregnant thank god and had my baby successfully. However up until this time every doctor assumed I was just crazy and thought the pain was "all in my head".


After I had my daughter I had some relief for about 3 months and then it came back full force. Life has been hell ever since. I have had doctor after doctor tell me nothing was wrong or try to put me on pill after pill and nothing worked.


I am now 24 and am addicted to pain meds and have to double up the doses just to get some relief


My family doesn't understand, my fiance doesn't understand, and my job really doesn't understand. This disease has all but ruined my relationship with my fiance. Sex is extremely painful and I feel like crap all the time. It's hard for people who don't have endometriosis to understand why you are always sick, why you can't be intimate, why you don't even want to get out of bed.

One of my major problems is I have an active 2 year old and I am always laid up because I hurt so bad. It makes my back hurt, basically everything hurts. I know I have depression and I feel like giving up a lot of the time. Every doctor in the last two years has pretty much thought I was a basket case even though I was diagnosed at 17.


I had almost given up when my physician referred me to one last doctor, I was reluctant to go and hear the same stuff again, but thankfully within talking to me for 5 minutes he decided to do another surgery on me. I will be having that next month and hopefully I will have some relief.


I hadn't had a laparoscopy in 7 years and this new doctor couldn't figure out why no one wanted to do anything for me. Thank god for him!


I just want to say to all of you women living with this disease, one day you will find a doctor who will listen. Don't give up I didn't and hopefully the surgery for me will give some relief. This disease makes every part of someone’s life feel like you are living in hell, and I just want you guys to know you are not alone. Good luck to all of you hopefully someday we will all get some relief. Lots of love 

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