Multiple treatments for endometriosis and still suffering

Mary’s journey started being diagnosed with endometriosis and a huge cyst on her ovary, twelve years on birth control, three laparoscopies, Lupron treatment, partial hysterectomy and then return of symptoms.

This is Mary’s story ……

So, I'll try to tell my long story as short as possible and hope that some of it may help those struggling & beating this disease! I am 37 yrs old, at the early age of 12 I had a terrible pain in my stomach area for days and was trying to play strong, always have.


After about 4 days, I toppled over at school and was rushed to the hospital and thought to have a ruptured appendix.. nope!!


An OB/Gyn on call came in and gave me a pelvic, what a way to break virginity at 12!! I was horrified and sick, but had a grapefruit plus sized cyst on my ovary. They put me on medicine to calm it and then for 12 years I was somewhat stable on birth control.


Pains, yes, but I was extremely active and it seemed under control. By the time I was 21 and became more physically active it started acting up advance speed on my situation,


I had 3 laparoscopies within 4 yrs, they cut the nerves at my tail-bone that they thought would help w/ back pain. Then came the Lupron for almost 18 months, holy cow!! Hot flashes, mood swings at the age of 25, not good!! Within 3 months of being off Lupron, it was all back again.


I finally decided to have a hysterectomy (partial), the pain was too bad and was literally taking over my life for weeks at a time. Literally when being rolled to recovery from the hysterectomy, I felt relief!! Fast forward three years, it was back! My doctor of over 20 years (the one from the ER at age 12), did not believe it!!


I left him, found a wonderful doctor and he went in. Sure enough, endometriosis was all over!! Cleaned me out and I said, what now?? Feeling as though I knew it was not over (we still left my ovaries, I was only 32 at the time).


I then came across Homeopathic ways and met a lady that practices it, IT WORKED!!! I do not know much about it, but it helped me for the past 7 years be pain free!!!


Here is the bad news, it is back again. Rearing its ugly head and this time like no other I can recall, the bloating in my belly and higher part of my belly is beyond painful! Nothing relieves it. Went to the doctor, Depo-provera shot, no reaction.


Looking to have surgery again soon, wonderful insurance is giving a fuss, so may have another 10 weeks to work on how to control it as best I can. It is amazing, every test, CT scan, blood work comes back normal. We know it is in there and it has to come out, I am praying my ovaries are not affected.


I plan on going on a stricter diet and calling my Homeopathic lady to help me again for preventative measures.


 I can only say, so glad to have found this site!! I am in the same situation as so many of you and pray that there will come a day they have more answers.


Until then, be strong, it only makes us stronger!! Believe me, bridges look good to stand on some days, but I am not going to let this lousy disease take my life from me. Good health to each of you and I hope my story helps know we are all encouraged by one another’s words. 

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