Success with excision surgery for endometriosis 

After three laparoscopies Rachel had excision surgery which was a success and gave her relief from the pain, her periods became regular and she also stopped feeling so tired.


This is Rachel’s story …..

I have been suffering with my periods etc from the age of 13. In the last 5 years I have had 3 laparoscopies as a day case at my local hospital. Endometriosis has been found each time and lasered off but recurred.


I then went to see an Endometriosis Specialist, Mr A Trehan who practices at Dewsbury & District Hospital, West Yorkshire. He is one of the best Endometriosis Specialists in the country and speaks at conferences all around the world about endometriosis and its affects.


After consulting with Mr Trehan I was told "lasering" the endometriosis was basically a waste of time because it will just grow back again. After a long discussion I was placed on the waiting list for Radical Excision of Endometriosis. I had this operation in February of this year. It is a major operation and can last up to 8 hours. The endometriosis is not lasered off but cut out so it won't return again.


After surgery Mr Trehan told me they had cut all the lining of my womb away because it was affected with endometriosis, some scaring also had to be cut away (that's where it was lasered off when I had previous laparoscopies).


Cysts where also found on my ovaries and these were drilled. I know PCOS is an effect of endometriosis and this is what I also suffered with. I had all the symptoms post op, weight gain, tiredness, stomach pain and infertility.


I am now 3 month post op and I am so glad I had the operation. I was wary at first because Radical Excision of Endometriosis is a major operation and they have to cut close to other vital areas. Puffiness and weight dropped off me straight away, I no longer feel tired and my periods are now regular with virtually no pain.

Before this operation I feel I have been passed around from Doctor to Doctor and had procedures and operations that haven't helped or been needed.


I now feel so much better and the next step is trying for children which I have been told should be no problem because of the operation. Before the operation I felt like no-one would listen but I just want people to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Endometriosis is a medical problem that affects so many different areas of the body, not just the reproductive system. Diets also help and I recommend Black Cohosh tablets (you can pick these up from any herbalist).


After my operation I noticed that my skin and hair were much better, I wasn't passing urine as much, my skin wasn't dry (on feet etc) and silly things like my eyes were whiter and nails were tougher. It really is unbelievable what this condition can do to you, hopefully my story could help a few of you out there. thanks. 


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