Not taken seriously until seeing an endometriosis specialist

Often women are not taken seriously by doctors when describing their symptoms and Stacy knew she had endometriosis and it was not till she saw an endo specialist was she taken seriously

This is Stacy’s story …. 

I started my cycle at the young age of 11 years old. Soon after my first cycle, I started having very bad pains when I would menstruate. I was unable to move, walk, or do anything. All I wanted to do, was lay down and not move.


My parents had me in and out of Emergency rooms, and from Doctor to Doctor, trying to find out what the cause of all this horrific agony was.


My parents were told many different things from all the Doctors. They were told, I had PID, that my appendix needed to be removed, that I had a bad UTI, or bad Yeast infection. Some of the Doctor's even went as far as saying that I was making it all up for attention.


I moved away at 21 years old and got married. The problems continued and even got worse. I continued to see Doctor's and still never had any real answer for my troubles.


So with all my frustration I just wanted to feel good and 'normal', so I got on the internet and started searching. I came across this thing called "endometriosis", as I sat there looking at the computer screen, I knew endometriosis was the cause of my problems.


So I went to my Doctor, and told her what I had finally came across, she denied it and said that I didn't have endometriosis because I had never had a baby. She refused to even check me out to see if my thoughts were right. So I left her office in tears, went back to my computer and continued my search.

I then read how it's best to get a Doctor that has dealt with endometriosis before. So I contacted an endometriosis specialist and went in for an appointment.


I had been keeping a journal, dating all the times and things that would happen to me, even the things that I didn't know if it was related to all that was happening with me. I handed that to the Doctor, and I was in awe, because he actually sat there and read the journal.


Finally! a Doctor that would listen and care!! I was so excited. He said from reading my journal, he was almost positive that it was endometriosis. He said that the ONLY way it could be diagnosed was through a laparoscopy surgery.


So we set that surgery up, and turned out it was endometriosis. Although I'm not 'cured', I feel better having an answer for what caused all these issue's with me.


My Doctor has put me on 100mg clomid to help me get pregnant. My husband and I have been trying now for about 6 months. I pray that it happens soon. And I'm so thankful for the Doctor that I found, he is like a hero to me. He took the time to listen and care. Instead of saying that I was making it all up. 


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