Fatigue and Endometriosis

The fact that you feel constant fatigue with endometriosis is a good reason to be checking for any other health issues or nutrient deficiencies which may help you find the cause of your fatigue


Fatigue and endometriosis

There can be many reasons why you feel fatigue with endometriosis.  To start, just dealing with the pain and stress and sleepless nights is obviously going to drain you and leave you feeling fatigued.  Also, it has been noted in the medical community that the inflammation in your body caused by endometriosis can stress the body causing fatigue.


I remember the awful draining, life-sapping fatigue I used to suffer with endometriosis and this was coupled with really bad weakness and I could hardly do anything in the least bit strenuous.  I had to pace myself and even going for a very short walk was awful – it was like swimming in treacle.  It was totally demoralising.  It was only when my health started to improve that my energy began to improve.


Let’s look at other possible causes for feeling so fatigued


FATIGUE AND POSSIBLE CAUSES - Here are some thoughts on what to do and/or tests to get done if you are exhausted all the time:


DIET: Eliminating gluten, dairy and sugar can help a lot with inflammation for those with endometriosis.  Inflammation in the body can be very draining as the body is constantly trying to manage this inflammation.

Also: Blood sugar/glucose issues are common in many; this is something to consider if you get sleepy before/after meals.

Also: Caffeine. Eliminate it if possible, it can mess with your HPA-axis (adrenals/cortisol). Same with alcohol, it can mess with your sleep cycle.


THYROID: Are you suffering from hypothyroid?  This can leave you feeling really weak and fatigued.  You need to get tested for TSH, T4, T3 (the active hormone) and thyroid anti-bodies.


ADRENALS: If they are not making enough cortisol, you will be tired. Or tired and wired. If your curve is off you may be tired during the day and awake at 3am. A 4-point saliva or urine test is needed to see your cortisol curve. Easy to test on your own by getting a 4-point saliva test from independent labs online if your doctor will not run this test.

Closely related to adrenals is LIFESTYLE and EXERCISE: Are you going to bed at the same time? Are you avoiding computers/screens before bedtime? Are you getting sunlight and exercise every day (even if it’s just a walk around the block a couple times a day)? However, too much exercise can tank your adrenals. Listen to your body.


VITAMIN D: Get both tests if you can - DO25 and D1,25. See note below about magnesium if you are supplementing with D.  Low vitamin D has been linked to the severity of endometriosis. 


MAGNESIUM: Magnesium Malate is very supportive for energy and women with endo can become depleted in magnesium due to stress.

Also: If you are taking high doses of Vit D, up your magnesium intake. Vitamin D can deplete your magnesium stores.


IRON: Having low iron is common for those with endometriosis due to heavy blood loss.  Test for Iron, Ferritin, TIBC, and %saturation is needed for a full picture. Iron deficiency can lead to fatigue, but if you have inflammation (high ferritin *may* be an indicator of this), taking iron supplements is like throwing gasoline on a fire. Eating iron-rich foods, however, is strongly encouraged along with getting your inflammation down. 


B12: Get tested to see if you are deficient in this vitamin - supplement if needed with the correct type of B12.  Some find it hard to absorb B12 and despite supplementing it can build up in your system without being absorbed.  Taking a small dose of lithium orotate (OTC supplement, not prescription med) can aid in absorption. 


SLEEP:  As mentioned above, getting enough sleep is obviously going to weigh in to your energy levels.  Sleep can be very difficult for those with endo due to pain keeping you awake. Try soaking in a bath with Epsom salts with essential oils to relax your muscles and help reduce pain.  Many are having success with CBD for pain and to help with sleep.


OTHER: Candida, SIBO and IBS, and other issues can all leave you drained and fatigued. SIBO is especially an issue as it can reduce the absorption of vital nutrients and SIBO seems to be common for those with endometriosis.


It may be a good idea to get some tests done just to ensure you are not dealing with other health problems of nutrient deficiencies.  I recently posted on FB about the importance of having optimal iron levels and one woman replied that she had her iron tested and it showed she actually had no iron, so no wonder she felt so awful.


Read more about the importance of having good iron levels HERE

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