Stage four endometriosis with many deep implants

Allison had gallbladder surgery and a downturn in health including many digestive problems with bloating, IBS and nausea. A laparoscopy later found stage four endometriosis with many deep implants

This is Allison’s story ….

Since I started menstruating at the age of 12, I've always suffered from heavy and irregular periods. I was relatively pain free and generally had no problems associated with menses until about 17.


My immune system took a big crash during that time and I suffered from many illnesses at once. Bacterial infections, gallbladder attacks, jaundice, and multiple colds and flues. I was hospitalised twice with the gallbladder and had it removed.


During this time, I suffered from agonizing stomach problems and after my gallbladder removal I never got better. As I progressed further along the years, I always chalked up my constant discomfort to issues from my gallbladder/GI problems. See, I was never really in major pain but I was constantly having to deal with IBS symptoms, nausea, bloating, ect.


It finally began to get worse and I started going through Gastrointestinal Doctors, going through GI testing, and of course, coming up empty with results or any diagnosis.


I was told to try specific diets, go through allergy testing, and tried multiple medications for GI related disorders with no effectiveness (of course) and was, by my last GI, told that I was crazy.


By this time I was begging for them (my GI office) to look on the outside of my bowel as opposed to the inside and they wouldn’t listen. I just knew my problems were on the outside. I finally, after doing some research and paying attention to my own body, went to the Gynaecologist.


By this time the agony was getting worse and worse every month. My periods were unusually long, the blood a blackish brown (which I called old blood). My life was basically revolved around my menstrual cycle and I would feel good only about one week of the month if I was lucky. I was sick all the time.


So to the Doctor I went and after my ultrasound, I was given a laparoscopy to confirm what I already suspected. Stage 4. The endometriosis was attached all over the ligament of my uterus and my uterus is completely deviated to the right side of my body.


I had many implants in the Pouch of Douglas, on the outside of my uterus, bowels, colon, and muscle tissue.


Unfortunately my surgeon could not laser most of my implants. She said many of mine are deeply implanted in my tissue and removal was impossible.


From there I went to Depo Lupron. Now, my painful symptoms were never completely removed and I was still having problems but they were less severe and I was able to go on with life.


Depo Lupron was used as treatment and helped move my uterus back to a more central position, but you can only take it for 6 months. I had side effects but generally went unscathed through the whole Lupron regiment.


From there I went to Seasonique which made me so crazy, evil, nasty, and mean that I couldn't take it anymore. I'm on YAz now, but all regular BC does is make sure to keep the bleeding controlled.


It has been just a year since my surgery and I called my Doctor's office just a few minutes ago because I am back to living my life in agony.


More surgery, I bet. I just want this over with, but there's no answer and no cure. The depression that comes with such hopelessness is beginning to get to me to.


I'm glad that I am not alone in this, but I wish I was and that no one else had to suffer as we suffer. The reason why I'm posting this story is so that other women going through prominent GI symptoms should get checked out by a GYN who is familiar with Endometriosis. Get checked, speak up, and be aware! Bless you all. 


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