Endometriosis fatigue, pain and constipation

Heidi could not afford to pay for surgery to diagnose endometriosis and she has been suffering for years with pain, fatigue and constipation. She now uses natural remedies to try and recover her health

This is Heidi’s story ….

I always had very painful periods, and have also had years of chronic fatigue. I always thought these symptoms were due to my digestion, which is very bad. Doctors have never found anything wrong with me, though I have been to ER three times, unable to move or almost be moved. After having everyone refer me to a psychiatrist, I was through with conventional methods.


Since I could not have a bowel movement without extremely high dosages of laxatives (causing more pain), and none of the natural medicines were making any difference I was advised to try taking enemas instead. I have learned to deal with the pain at my periods and other times by focus and breathing; and God has been good to get me through every time. A few days ago,


I realised that it is ridiculous to continue expecting the rest of my life to be as limited as the last six years have been. I want to be a super wife to my husband: I want to have and raise children. I want to do the grocery shopping regularly. I want to go to church more often than I miss!


I have realised that all of my symptoms, including my digestion, fit with endometriosis.


The Laparoscopy to diagnose is so expensive that I can't afford to find out for sure, but I am ordering the endometriosis diet book, and I am absolutely committed to going through with it. I feel very hopeful that my body may, in time, recover completely; that in a few years I may be healthy.


A few years isn't much if at the end you can be whole, as many of you must understand better than I do. The reason I'm sharing my story is because, after reading all these other very heart-breaking stories, (and stories from another site which was utterly depressing because of the lack of any success, or even many times hope-- lack of alternative medicine as well),


I am extremely grateful for God's providence in keeping me from doing anything other than naturally. Otherwise I would have a bag instead of a stomach, and have psychological drugs messing with my brain and body chemistry; and I believe my symptoms would be much more acute.


I am even grateful for the enemas, though I hope to be independent of them someday, because I think they have kept my body clean, which must have significantly helped me not to deteriorate to the point of emergency surgery.


I hope everyone who reads this will try diet and natural remedies before resorting to things that have given so many women so much more pain, and haven't solved their problems-- that cut part of you out that you can't have back again when you realise that maybe, maybe you really can get well. 

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