Three miscarriages caused by endometriosis


After suffering for many years and finally getting a laparoscopy, Helen was diagnosed with endometriosis which helps to explain why she had three miscarriages and suffered so much pain

This is Helen's story .....

My story goes back many a matter of fact it will be exactly 20 years ago. I am 34 years old and just had my first laparoscopy last month. I was told I had level 2 endometriosis by my fertility specialist after the surgery.


I was also told I had some adhesion's and fibroids were found. I have not had my post-op yet, but have already scheduled by 2nd surgery in a couple of weeks. My specialist said that he needs to do laser surgery to remove the endometriosis.


He said it seems to be minor, and it may be the reason behind me having 3 miscarriages in the past year. I knew I had issues way back. My first period was painful and the ones to follow would only get worse.


I had seen specialists when I was 16 yrs old because I would complain about how much agony I would always be in. I had heavy, painful periods that would cause me to throw up, faint and be hunched over for hours and eventually be driven to the hospital by my parents or friends.


I remember the only relief I would get was to take Tylenol 3's.....that would only be because the pills would knock me right out!


I had a gyno once tell my mom that my right ovary was useless (I was 17 yrs old) and that she wanted to remove it. I had huge cysts back in the day. I experienced all this up till I was 18....then I was put on several different kinds of birth control as they were trying to minimise the pain and the flow.


Nothing seemed to have really worked; it only gave me a few months relief here and there. I had a family doctor who then said to get off the birth control as soon as possible as he believed I had endometriosis and that birth control was not good to be on.


He said the only real cure would be to get pregnant as soon as I could before it was too late. I was 20, not married and no intentions of getting pregnant. That was the only advice I got.


I did not get referred to anyone, no surgeries, no nothing. So, I trekked on, dealt with the monthly agonies and hospital visits and here I am today. I always knew I would have issues with getting pregnant and I told my husband even before we got married that there would be issues. I just never thought it would be this bad.


My specialist is still not that convinced that it is the endometriosis that is causing my miscarriages but he said we will get to the bottom of things. I just hope I am not poked and prodded and given medication after medication just to be told, "Sorry, we can't help you". It is scary, and I too just keep the faith and pray that it will all end up ok.


Some stories that I have read do frighten me a bit, but I get passed it and hope that it will all be ok. I have my husband who is supportive, he stands by me even though I complain of the agony, have issues with intercourse (painful) and have had 3 miscarriages. I am lucky in that way. I am now waiting for my post op appointment which is coming up in a week and a half and am hoping the doctor will say they can help me! We shall see. Good luck to all! 

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