Severe abdominal swelling and bleeding cysts

Amber has recently been diagnosed with endometriosis and she has severe swelling in the abdomen including her ovaries, tubes and uterus and bleeding cysts.

This is Amber’s story ….

My cramps have always bothered me. And I really thought that's how it was for every woman and that I was basically a wimp. When I had my first pap done, she saw something on my cervix when I was 16. But we did not act upon it. When every consistent cycle would come along, my entire body would suffer many agonising symptoms.


Knees and back would have stiffness and lot of aching to go with it. And my abdominal cramping was making me pass out, throw up, miss time from work so I could crawl into a ball on my bed and cry basically and eventually pass out and try to sleep through the cramps.


Several months ago, I got a really bad UTI that went into my kidneys and I had to keep going to the hospital. They decided to do a CT Scan and an X-Ray to check for kidney stones. The results for the CT Scan noticed that I had cysts. So I had to get several Ultrasounds and another CT Scan to check the cyst and see if they're a major threat or not.


During the 2nd CT Scan, my body was at an awkward angle and they thought something was then wrong with my heart. So ALL OB/GYN work was put to a halt. Went to the cardiologist and found out my heart is in great condition!


Go back to my Gyno and let them know that I have medical clearance to get the laparoscopy done. So go and get that done. And they weren't able to do anything.


My tubes, ovaries, and uterus were so swelled up that they couldn't touch it. And they cyst were so sensitive that I would "bled like hell" in my Dr's words if he touched them.


My cervix is so narrow, swelled up and has a cyst on there that they couldn't get into my body that way either. Kept me in the hospital for 2 days and then sent me home. And now here I am. Confused. Scared. And very lonely on the topic about this entire situation. Just walking around knowing what's happening in there honestly scares me.


My Dr is putting me on very strong Birth Control pills and keeping me on good pain medicine in hopes that it'll go away or swell down enough to where they can go in and try again.


Got 6 wks with no placebo of the Birth Control and I guess I'll have another Ultrasound to see if anything new either developed or shrank. Since no Dr is going to give somebody at 22 a hysterectomy. Cause as of right now, that's my only answer.


Soon, I will be starting a pain clinic type deal I guess. I'm not sure what's going to happen to me. But it's extremely difficult to live this way and it makes the manic depression that I'm already diagnosed with even worse. I'm just trying to find ways to cope living with this, along with PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) and not letting it consume me any more. 

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