Three laparoscopies, depo shots and many birth control pills for treatment

To try and control her endometriosis Taryn has had three laparoscopies, depo provera shots, tried numerous birth control pills and has now found she has a thyroid problem which is not being treated due to financial issues

This is Taryn’s story …..

I am now 27, I have had endometriosis since I was 14 and my first surgery was when I was 15. On Valentine’s Day to be exact! I have undergone 3 laparoscopy surgeries, a year of the depo shot (15 yrs. old) and numerous birth control pills and painkillers.


I was told then that it was all over my kidneys and spleen.

In 2017 I was told by a chiropractor who studies women’s health and acupuncture not to take birth control pills unless it was progesterone pills. He thought it would be good for me to get on some anyway to regulate my estrogen levels.


He was doing acupuncture to my stomach and other areas and it did seem to help. Hurt at the time but definitely helped! I didn’t listen though about the progesterone pills. I didn’t think he knew what he was talking about simply because he was still studying it.


In 2017 when I met my husband, we thought I was pregnant because of all the symptoms. I wasn’t. I ended up talking to a dr. months earlier and had clomid prescribed to me. I was just waiting on taking them. I thought well maybe this is a sign of my body telling me I was ready to become pregnant. So I took the clomid and got pregnant in nov. 2017.


I've been dealing with some horrific pain till lately something crazy is going on with my body and no one can tell me what to do or where to even start.


I just had my first baby 18 months ago, and was told this would help. While pregnant they had to induce me because I had a severe kidney infection, and the baby’s life would be in jeopardy and mine as well if we waited.


So he was a month early, thank god for him he is my blessing. He does get sick and has respiratory problems once in a while but other than that he’s healthy. Ever since the birth my problems have been escalating.


The cramping is worse, all the time now, I’m nauseous, feel like I’m pregnant (boobs hurt etc.) I have to pee all the time, horrific headaches, had a severe sinus infection and had to be put on nasal steroids and antibiotics for at least the 5th time in a year now.


OK from checking this website I've found I have a hypothyroid problem, got a big knot on my neck noticed it 3 days ago and it has grown. I was waiting on my husband’s tax returns to come back because I was filling out an app for help with my surgery (another laparoscopy).


I’ve got all the symptoms of hypothyroid. I can’t get Medicaid to call me back, and just applied in dec. and they denied me and for what reason? We don’t make much. I talked to the women’s clinic yesterday and they told me it sounds like hypothyroid.


And that I need to get the appointment in and have the surgery and I would also have to go to a specialist, then we were interrupted, the call ended and I haven’t gotten a phone call back.


These are people who know me by my first name so it’s not like they don’t know the history here. It may not be their health in jeopardy but it is mine.


I’ve always had a very low immune system so I know how my body is going to react. Plus I’m severely allergic to iodine. So I guess I just keep calling and bugging someone till they help me.


The doctor who did my other surgeries retired so I went to the doctor who took his spot and delivered my sister’s baby. I really don’t trust that the dr. there has the knowledge to take care of me; simply because when I went to him for the symptoms back 6 months ago he asked what I wanted to do, and said he’s never heard anything like this.


(Before I found out about the thyroid) well obviously I’m not the only one!!! So what’s he going to tell me now! The symptoms in my rectum, hips, kidneys, and headaches are all constant. I feel as if my ears are going to burst along with all the pain of the endometriosis as well. 

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