Fibroids polyps and endometriosis

Birdie has endometriosis along with fibroids and polyps and her abdominal swelling is so severe even her doctor was shocked when shown photos of her endo belly

This is Birdie’s story …..

I started my cycle when I was 16 and my severe cramping began that very first time. I have had three laparoscopy surgery procedures done and nothing has helped ease the pain. I did the Lupron shots after having my uterus scraped and that was a nightmare.


I went through menopause at the age of 25. My poor co-workers had to deal with the horrible mood swings, but the hot flashes during the nights were the worst part, I think.


It seems the older I get the worse the pain and symptoms become. What was sad for me is that my friends and co-workers thought I was always lying when I would tell them that I was cramping because it seemed like I was having my cycle every 2 weeks.


What they don't realise is that I have 2 weeks of symptoms, which include severe cramping and my stomach swells three times its size.


The swelling is so embarrassing I refuse to leave my house unless I have to. I have had to purchase maternity clothes to wear to work when I'm having "Girlie Time".


No one would believe me and thought I was poking my stomach out, so I started taking pictures of my stomach every month. The swelling has actually gotten much worse over the past 2 years.


I recently went to my GYN and showed her the picture and she couldn't believe it. Her exact words were OMG...what do you do for clothes every month if that gives you any idea how big it was. I looked as if I was 6 months pregnant. Can you imagine how uncomfortable and painful that is?


My rib cage is stretched and I'm now taking Hydrocodone. I've been on every medication you can think of, Darvocet, Percocet, Tramadol, Naproxen 550, and IB800. You would think I have a drug problem, but my GYN knows and understands how painful Endometriosis is.


I have 5 sisters and 3 of them have had Hysterectomies. 3 weeks ago, when I had my yearly pap I asked if we could discuss these options.


I originally wanted to have kids, but that doesn't seem likely. I'm single with no candidates in the picture and I'm not thinking that will change any time soon, but it's possible I suppose. Unfortunately, my GYN is my biggest fan and wants me to find Mr. Right and have a baby. She was a bit upset when I asked and said we have to at least try.


I just don't know how much more of this I can take. I stayed home from work today because of the horrible cramps and had to tell my boss (who's a guy) that I had to come home for female problems. It's a good thing I have a good relationship with my boss so I laughed it off.


While sitting on my sofa I surfed the net for pictures and blogs to see if anyone else was experiencing the severe stomach swelling.  I have to schedule a sono-hysterogram within the next week.


My last ultra sound showed I have Fibroids and polyps as well as the Endometriosis. Hopefully someone out there can tell me what is causing the severe swelling as it's still a mystery. Gas and water gain have been ruled out. Thanks 

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