Endometriosis Resources

Below you will find resources and further advice for additional information about endometriosis:

Endometriosis Websites

Endometriosis Association - helping women and girls with the pain and treatment of Endometriosis  endometriosisassn. org 

Endometriosis UK - the UK national advice and support site - endo.org.uk 

Endometriosis Australia - support & advice 


Global endometriosis platform - endometriosis.org

Endometriosis awareness and support - Endometriosis Foundation US

Australian endometriosis advice - EndoActive

Personal Endometriosis Blogs & websites

Endo Warriors SupportEndo Warriors is a face to face and online support organisation founded by Jill Fuersich, Jordan Davidson, and Nicole Malachi. Since forming in 2012, Endo Warriors has launched support groups in New York, New Jersey, and Colorado.

My Endometriosis Diary - a personal endometriosis blog

Theendotheworld endometriosis and adenomyosis blog

Pain Advice

Chronic Pain Advice - including a Pain Toolkit free e-book  with advice of how to manage long term pain - The Pain Toolkit

Pelvic Pain - International advice organisation on many issues related to pelvic pain  Pelvic Pain Organisation 

Adhesions Advice - International Adhesion Society. Information on adhesion related disorders, their treatments and prevention 
International Adhesion Society 

Autoimmune Diseases - American Autoimmune related disease Association Autoimmune Diseases Association 

Fibromyalgia Advice  Fibromyalgia Advice