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Endometriosis - tell us your story

If you suffer from endometriosis you will no doubt have a story to tell.  Would you like to write an article about your experience?  

Have you got particular issues about this disease you want to get off your chest? Do you have some helpful advice you would like to pass onto others?

We would be interested to receive your article about your first hand insights, experience or knowledge about endometriosis.

Ideally, we would like articles to be about a specific topic about endometriosis rather than a general personal story.

For example, your article could be about any of the following:

  • A particular treatment you have found has helped with your symptoms
  • Products that have helped you
  • Your experience with diet – foods that have helped or those that have made symptoms worse
  • How endometriosis has affected your relationships
  • How endometriosis has affected your work life
  • Any topic that is specific to endometriosis that may help others
  • You may just want to simply tell your endometriosis story


If you have your own endo blog or website about endometriosis you can link to your page/site, and a reciprocal return link to endo-resolved is requested.

If you wish to remain anonymous that is OK, however the form to submit your article does NOT request your surname.  We will need your email so that we can contact you to let you know your article has gone live.

If you have any questions about the content of your article and wish to get advice before you write, just drop us a line HERE

Please use the form below to submit your article and it will be reviewed after you submit it.  Thank you.


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