Improvement of symptoms with diet

by Sherry

My endometriosis symptoms used to be very, very painful with my periods and at other times of the month as well.

I would feel sick and nauseous before and during my periods. I had bowel problems with constipation most of the time and then for a few days before my period I would get diarrhoea.

I would get insomnia and it would come and go in spells and then go away again. I would get more and more exhausted, more irritable, and would make all the other symptoms worse.

A also had huge problems with bloating all through the month. Some days my belly would look huge and it was very painful. It seemed to come on about 2 hours after eating so I figured this must be linked to what I was eating.

I started to make changes in my diet and started by leaving out gluten. This seemed to help a bit. I then thought it a good idea to do a detox and cut out just about anything nasty from my system. I felt dreadful at first, but then once I had cleaned out I started to feel better, less sluggish, and much fewer symptoms of pain and bloating.

So I now follow the diet that is advised for endo and so far so good. I have much fewer symptoms of endometriosis, much less pain and I sleep better too. So I am sticking to this diet and I have noticed if I stray from the diet with coffee or wheat then I feel sorry for it a few hours later.


Name: Diane

Title: I also feel better on the diet


I have had stage 4 endometriosis diagnosed and I also used to suffer from terrible pain for most of the month.

Because of this disease and taking time off work I lost my job. I also lost most of my friends, my family did not understand what I was going through and I could not hold down any relationships.

Over the past few years I have had 3 laparoscopies, been on various drug treatments and nothing helped long term. I was desperate.

I found out about the diet on the internet at someone's endo blog and looked into it further. A lot of the information made sense when it was explained.

I have been following the endometriosis diet for nearly 4 months and I feel so much better. I started by cutting out gluten and dairy and that helped a little.

It helped to have advice one the internet and I read more about the diet and have cut out all the bad stuff which is mentioned on this site.

I am really noticing the improvement in my health as well as having much less pain, less bloating. I have more energy and feel I can start to get my life back on track.

The difference in my health is quite noticeable, and I could hardly believe that something as basic and simple as diet could improve this awful nightmare of a disease.

I hope you other ladies reading this will give it a try. God bless :) and take care

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