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Symptoms improving with diet

by Gemma

I have only recently been diagnosed but definitely have noticed that certain foods make it worse. I would really like to say thanks for the advice I have found here at endo-resolved, it has really helped me, especially with diet advice.

Also from my research into the subject (because my doc wasn’t very clued up on the subject!) I have found that women who try and help themselves fair the best. By this i mean don’t just rely on your doctor’s appointments and surgery.

I can’t take birth control for various reasons and have already decided to exhaust all other routes before I consider surgery.

Acupuncture has helped me a lot so far and have read very positive reviews of it from other women. I also take supplements - evening primrose oil, agnus castus and cod liver oil with multi vitimans.

I have started yoga and am slowly changing my diet. Sounds a lot but all helps and comes naturally once you get used to all the changes.

From what I have read meat should be avoided as it contains high amounts of estrogen but if you’re like me I love it! So I have cut right down and just buy lean cuts and try and get organic where I can afford it.

Also dairy as is inflammatory but again find that very hard so I again have cut right down but pretty much 100% avoid cheese and get the lowest fat milk. Caffeine, high sugar and processed food all bad too. Sucks I know all the good food! But I have found if I just have them as treats or in small quantities my pain is at a minimum.

I also write things down if they give me pain. Long winded message I know but this is some of the stuff I have read and tried. I was diagnosed 6 months ago and sometimes struggling with the diet changes. I have days where I mess up and binge or am stressed and eat bad foods. I am always in a lot of pain after. Hope this helps and wish you all the best xxx


Name: Tracy

Title: I have also felt better with the diet

My endometriosis symptoms were literally ruining every aspect of my life. I lost my job and many of my friends as well.

I was in pain nearly every day and tried all the drug treatments offered by my doctor for the pain. I was put on hormone drugs to stop my periods but I felt even worse so had to stop that course of treatment. I did not know which way to turn.

I read advice about the diet and tried it. Started by cutting out wheat products and dairy and started to feel better.

Then went on to next stage and cut out red meat - I only eat organic chicken or turkey now. And I stopped drinking coffee, and again the improvements increased.

I take a good quality probiotic twice a day as well as various vitamins and EPO.

I now feel much better and the pain has reduced so much I am starting to feel almost normal. I will be sticking to the endometriosis diet from now on.

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