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Healed from Endometriosis

by Dana
(Mission, BC, Canada)

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis about 14 years ago (age 34). I had surgery and found out it was stage 3. I was told that my chances of having children would be very low. The surgery did not help; within 6 months, one of the two endometrial cysts they removed from my ovaries had come back.

Before and after the surgery, my periods were horrendous - double doses of extra strength Advil every 2 hours for three days or I couldn't get out of bed. Without pain meds, I was in tears and incapacitated from the pain. The endo symptoms continued after the surgery. Doctors said take various drugs, the pill, etc. I tried this but nothing helped. At that point, I found this site.

I followed every bit of the advice from the author of the site and within two weeks, I noticed a difference - a 75% reduction of pain during my next period. After a couple more years of trial and error, I began taking large doses of fish oil daily and removed carrageenan from my diet.
The result was a 100% reduction in pain. To this day, I don't know which was more important, the oil the carrageenan. I just know I am pain free! I don't even know when my period starts sometimes, it is that pain free.

I ordered a testimony book off this website at some point in this process and read many stories from the site. At the time, it was the only thing I could find recommending a natural approach that was comprehensive.

8 years after starting this process, and after several years of counselling, I started dating with a new perspective. A couple years later, I met a great guy and soon after got married. We got tested and found out our chances of having children were slim to none due to my age and hormone levels but that the endo symptoms were gone; I was told by a gynecologist that there was no evidence of endo in my uterus.

Several months later, low and behold, at age 42, I got pregnant. 9 months later, at age 43, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

I am believer in the story of Jesus Christ found in the bible and give credit to God for the success I have had with overcoming endometriosis: for leading me to this site, for giving me the ability to follow a strict diet for many years, for leading me to counselling and providing me with all the insight I needed to get so much out of that counselling.

I thank God for giving me a husband who daily encouraged me, was OK either way (child or no child) and who prayed that God would give us a child but if not, give me the grace to be content without having a child (he already had two).

Around the time that I really accepted that I would likely not have a child and found contentment in God alone, as well as in all the blessings and opportunities he had given me, I found myself pregnant.

To this day, I rarely feel any pain during my period - and when I do, I can almost always trace it back to eating a more glutenous diet. I am now 48, have a 4 year old son, run my own thriving business (I used to have to call in sick to work due to Endo pain) and live a full happy life free of Endo pain.

I don't have a lot of free time and the time I do have, I spend with my son, husband and family members (so if you comment on this story and don't get a reply, please just know that I have prayed that this story will help someone take that step of faith that diet and lifestyle change, as hard as it is, is powerful and works.

I share this story simply to say - follow the advice of the author of this site and you too may have success beating Endo. I give credit for my recovery to God but I do not think a person needs to share my faith to find recovery. Most important, stop the input of all the things that cause endo and put in things that bring the body back to health.

I tried a lot of supplements.. ran up a lot of debt working little and spending lots.. in the end, I found that a simple diet of lots and lots of vegetables, real fermented veggies, dairy only in yogurt or kefir form, no sugar except fresh fruit, no vinegar except apple cider vinegar and most other things recommended in diet section of this site was enough.

Plus basic things like fish oil and vitamin C and D. All the other stuff was just expensive and didn't help nearly as much as just changing my eating habits ... no more processed food and following all the advice about scents and perfumes. It was more about getting rid of the processed stuff and putting more unprocessed good things in.

I found out about this site within 6 months of finding out I had endo and began following all the dietary and lifestyle advice I found from the author of this site within a week of finding it. I believe I saved myself a lot of grief and wasted time. All the best to anyone starting out on this journey, especially as you decide which direction to take among all the choices, treatments and options coming your way!!

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