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Years of pain and discomfort

by Lacrisha

In april 2003 I concieved my first child. After giving birth to her in January 2004 I saw my obgyn about the birth control mirena, thinking it would be the best option for me as I did not want another child for a few years.

Unaware of all the risks and side effects it would cause me I went ahead and had it inserted. 6 weeks after that I was exeperincing pain and discomfort so I went back to my obgyn. He informed me that it had somehow managed to slide back into the wall of my uterus instead of laying in the lining of my uterus like its supposed to.

Had it removed and decided to get the deprovera shot. Was still experiencing pain and discomfort over a year later. My obgyn had then decided that after several failed treatments to perform a laproscopy and had found endometriosis.

He removed it. A year later I was still experiencing the pain and discomfort, only worse than before. Started seeing a different obgyn hoping he could be more help. Only to be told I needed yet another laproscopy because my endometriosis had returned.

So in 2006 I had that done. After a while the pain returned. I was lucky enough to conceive my second child in january of 2008. Had several complications including placenta previa which caused me to bleed heavily at two months pregnant and having a blood clot underneath my son throughout my whole pregnancy, and having to be on bedrest my whole pregnancy as well.

Luckily the blood clot disolved before it was time to deliver my son and was able to deliver him naturally and he was healthy. 6 weeks after delivering him I had a tubal ligation done after making the decision of not wanting any more children due to prior complications.

It does not end there. Still feeling the pain and discomfort I went back to my obgyn. My endometriosis had returned yet again. After trying several medications and not having any results my obgyn decided it was time for a hysetorectomy, but only a partial one so he just removed my uterus vaginally in 2010.

Here it is over two years later and I'm still feeling the pain. I've talked to my obgyn but he doesn't feel that removing the rest of my reroductive organs is the answer, so I struggle with constant pain everyday.

I don't know if there's truth behind it, but I was told by my first obgyn after my first laproscooy in 2005 that the mirena is what caused my endometriosis.

Am I the only one told that, and are there other treatment options or compensation for all my years of pain and suffering only to stll be living with it everyday?


Title: My story exactly

Name: Sweedindeed

I'm speechless how identical our stories read. I never had a single symptom of endometriosis for 35yrs until after the NP unknowingly "perforated my uterus" with the mirena. (Long story there) Coincidental? I think not, but you can't get a Dr. in town to admit the link. Nor does this nightmare ever seem to stop.

2 yrs of chronic daily life changing pain and 3 doctors later, I'm certain they stamped me a drug seeker & thought this was in my head because NO ONE LISTENED!!

Finally I get someone with a brain & get the laparoscopy, the scraping & r/o appendix. 8 wks later same symptoms so I opt for the hysterectomy. Changed my life! Pain gone, clear head & living life. Fast forward 3 yrs.... bowel issues, Chronic low back pain, discomfort with intimacy for days after and that familiar dull ache of my girly parts.

Now, the doctor stated that he had to leave some endometriosis in sigmoid area. If he found the endometriosis wrapped around my appendix, lower colon and tucked behind the uterus - then is this issue brewing up again?

How are you?? What is your status since this post? Did you see the Mirena law suit? HA! I wish I could prove that thing & medical error wrecked my life. I honestly don't have the will to fight any more. I just long to feel "normal" again.

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