Endometriosis story

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Wondering if my endo has returned (pain felt 4wks after full hysterectomy)

by Laura
(Greenville SC)

Suffered for years with abdominal pain. I was considered borderline for PCOS. CBC showed hormones barely within limits and the famous string of pearls on my ovaries. So I assumed for yrs that I had PCOS.

14 yrs later my pain had reach a point that I would throw up. Go to ER have ultra sound nothing. However at my OBGYN they found endo tissue on my right overt.

I reluctantly agreed to a total hysterectomy. I had 3 fibroid tumors in my uterus and my endo was so bad that they were attached to my abdominal wall on top of major arteries on both sides. My uterus and badder were glued together and there was scar tissue wrapped around my urethra tubes (explains why felt like I needed to pee and it would only trickle)

4 wk Post op I reported feeling sharp pains where my right ovary had been. Surgeons told 'that's not possible. You don't have anything there'. I also told him I was having hot flashes and some unexpected symptoms.

Loss of eye sight (learned on my own that estrogen affects the shape of corona) and the most disturbing of all severe social anxiety. Never suffered with it before. If u were close enough to touch me I would have a panic attack. So I found myself not attended functions or leaving then because of it.

Everyone said you are going to love getting the hysterectomy it's great. It wasn't I tell, u know exhaust all other options first. After they increased my estrogen 2lm tab dissolved under tongue my level was a 32 FSH 8 LH 2.

I had to change doctors to get help. But now I have to take several meds. Highest dose of the patch, Effexor to help with the social anxiety and a sleeping pill to help stress. Because even though I was not soaking the bed I tossed all night and was not getting any sleep. After 2 days getting full sleep I started feeling a lot better.

Going to reevaluated the need to stay on Effexor after a few more months w New estrogen levels.

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