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Will endometriosis return if I stop depo-provera treatment

by Anonymous
(East Midlands, UK)

I have suffered from endometriosis for 12 years. Luckily I conceived my only child during this time. When I was 37 I asked for a hysterectomy and was told I was too young.

In 2007 I started having depo-provera injections. I'm now 42 and was wondering if endometriosis will return if I stop depo-provera. Since taking this I have lost my libido and I'm at my wits end.


Name: Anonymous

Title: A warning about Lupron Depo

I suffered with endometriosis for many many years. Several laparoscopy procedures to clear it. I also used the depo shot but that itself caused many side effects. Hair that grew in places that I never new could grow. The hormone was too strong I was begged by a family friend who was a doctor to not take that injection ever again. He had seen far too many woman have more problems and some that where fatal.

After I came off depo my cycles where terrible and it took years for them to become more regular. I have had 2 children and carrying them never made a difference like the doctors said it would.

I have had cervical cancer and ovarian cycts since being on it. I have also begged to have it all taken out. I gave up the fight for a while but I'm almost 38 and now after cervical cancer, can no longer carry a child. So why not take it out. Just be careful with the depo and I don't recommend it to anyone.

Name: Anonymous

Title: My Endometriosis

I have had Endometriosis since I was 13, I actually thought my extremely heavy periods and pain that turned me white was a normal period. I have tried tons of Birth Controls, was told at 19 years to get a hysterectomy.

I said no to my O.B.G, that I wanted a second opinion, I eventually went on Depo provera, it worked amazingly for 3 years. Today at 24 I started Dep at 21 years old, it is now not working as well. I have been break through bleeding for a month.

I feel bloated and that feeling that you are just going to bleed EVERYWHERE, I have this everyday and wear a tampon everyday out of fear, that when I go to college I'll start heavily bleeding.

I refused the Laparoscopy cause of reading so many bad things, of it being a Temp fix or making the Endometriosis worse, which if it made mine worse I would seriously think it would kill me for how bad I bleed.

Any opinions or info would be great I am at a dead-end, my email is Lashamljr@hotmail.com

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