Endometriosis story

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What is causing these symptoms?

by Randa

My story starts around 6 years ago. I was having a very hard time getting pregnant so I went in for a procedure a year later for the doctor to look around. They found a lot of scar tissue with no explanation of what it was from and partially blocked fallopian tubes.

About a year after that still no pregnancy. So next was the removal of my fallopian tubes and IVF. In 2009 I had a successful IVF and again in 2012. I had to have a c-section both times due to the inability to dilate.

Anyway, I have suffered with haemorrhoids, constipation, diarrhoea, etc. All of that was resolved for some time and that brings me to about 7 weeks ago. I had severe constipation with soft stools (if that makes sense) on and off for a couple of weeks.

My last two menstrual cycles have been 10 days early and there seems to be some blood left inside??? Also, I have had a yeast infection and a UTI in the past 2 months. All very strange. About two weeks ago I started with shooting rectal pain, back pain, swollen belly, depression, frequent urination, pelvic discomfort, buttock and leg discomfort.

This all just seems to be getting worse. I am making a doc appointment soon for my GYN. I did make an appointment for a Gastro doc and he didn't see any rectal issues. Oh, and did I mention gas pains and I have been freezing? Any thoughts on this would be great.

I am starting to wonder about the scar tissue I had removed 5 years ago. My GYN at the time said it was not endometriosis but what was it? Any thoughts would be great! Also, I am 36 years old with good health, I think.

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