Endometriosis story

  These stories can help other women so they do not feel so alone when trying to cope with effects of this disease.

Two children by IVF despite severe endometriosis

by KV

Due to endometriosis I got into trouble for missing too many days in middle school, because EVERY time I got my period, I would be crumpled in pain and throwing up!

I was told by the Doctor I would grow out of it and to take Advil, and when I had kids I would feel better. I was only 13!!

I thought, I have a lot of years to live through before I can have kids!!! In high school I learned to deal with it, but then I started getting stomach pains, where I would throw-up. It always happened around my period!

By the time I was in college, things were worse and one night my boyfriend said I was groaning in my sleep. He made me go to the ER, where I was told I might have endometriosis.

So, I saw my doctor and was told, I was too young to have endometriosis and surgery was the only way to confirm diagnosis, and said I don't have it.

Stupidly, I did not fight for surgery! I was 21 years old and just thought, ok I'm a complainer and went on with my life and never left home without Advil.

Years later, when I was 27, that's when I took a turn for the worse. My periods were horrendous! I would bleed severely, bleeding through a super plus tampon and pad and I would have blood all down my pants! I literally, had to change my protection every hour!!!!

Then, I was getting bursting cysts every month! Told they where just functional cysts. The cramping never stopped, it was all day everyday. Imagine a period that never ended, ever!!!! Then, my right leg stopped moving along with severe pain in my back!

I TOLD the doctor he was going to do surgery and I couldn't live like that any more! He still did not believe I had endometriosis!!! I lost my right ovary, my uterus had been fused to my back, my right Fallopian tube was twisted and full of fluid (I assume why my leg stopped moving), my left ovary was pinched off and was told I would never have kids naturally.

I had a HSG after my surgery, which confirmed my Fallopian tube was in fact pinched off. I was devastated!!! But, on a good note my leg had full motion again, my weird stomach pains disappeared, my severe constipation disappeared , my periods went back to normal, my cramps only happened during my periods, basically, I got my life back!

I ended up doing IVF and now have a daughter and a son. They are my little miracles! I'm now 34 and still dealing with my endometriosis, and it's true, it never ends!

I hope my story helps others know they aren't alone and to be more proactive with their health. I'm so mad at myself that I did not demand surgery when I was 21!

Maybe if I had, maybe I could have preserved my fertility and not be sitting here at 34 being told I can't have more kids cause we don't have money for IVF, and that if I could get pregnant naturally, we would have more children.

This disease has ruined my dream of a big family! I blame myself and this disease!

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