Endometriosis story

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Took 5 years for a Diagnosis!

by Colleen
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

Hello all,

My story:
About 7 years ago I started to feel pain in my lower right abdominal area, it was so bad I finally went to the doctor's. This is where the journey begins.

The doctor felt it was cysts on my ovaries causing my pain, so ultrasound bound I was. There were indeed cysts on my ovaries, yay, problem solved. NOPE.

Pain kept getting worse, back to the doctor's I go, more ultrasounds (2) internal and external, cysts gone, can't see anything. Must be pulled muscle or Hernia. more ultrasounds.

Pain so bad go to ER, pancreas they say, they will know if it erupts, WHAT!!??

Pain continues, more ultra sounds (6 total), pain killers galore, can't barely walk now, ER visits 3. Still no proper diagnosis.

Time to see Gynaecologist. Wait a year. She sends me for yet another ultrasound.

Results show nothing. Back to Gynaecologist I go. "oh I might have nicked a nerve when you had your C-Section" she says, WTH!?

MRI recommended now.


MRI finally shows I have endometriosis on my C-Section scar. Can I get hysterectomy? NOPE won't help. Can I have it removed? NOPE will grow back. Is there medicine I can take? Yes, but it will give you facial hair and cause you to be moody. Is there other medication I can take, YES!! Visanne just approved in Canada. It will lower your estrogen and shrink the endometriosis. YAY!

Year later: Visanne didn't work. Taking ovaries out will stop period, which will lessen the pain, however, will put you in immediate menopause and you will loose bone density. Great. not an option. (I'm 40)

Now: This is where I am up until now, 7 years later, 7 years of extreme pain. 7 years of doctors who couldn't pin point the problem and can't/won't fix it. I struggle everyday, I can't go to stores or for walks as the pain is too intense. I can't enjoy life, I can't enjoy spending time with my 11 year old daughter because I can't do much.

This is my HELL.

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