Endometriosis story

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Told less than one percent chance of conception but now I have my baby!

by Anonymous

My heart was broken and felt beyond repair when I was told that I had a less than one percent chance of conception. And that was just conceiving - my doctor said it'd be unlikely that the baby would hold because of the scarring of my stage 3 endometriosis. Now I have my darling Rose and am sure she'll have a sibling.

Two years ago my doctor diagnosed me with stage 2 endometriosis. A few months after the diagnosis I grew a cyst on my right ovary. My doctor, who I no longer see, was sure it was not related to endometriosis and would go away.

It did not and it continued grow. She still was not worried and all I knew, since it was my first cyst, was that it hurt.

While I was in Mexico the cyst ruptured into my ovary. My ovary swelled to the size of an apple and started to bleed into my abdomen. We were in a rain forest in Mexico. My belly grew until I looked six months pregnant. I couldn't walk.

My husband had to find someone to drive us to a town with a hospital. This hospital had only cots and sinks, no medicine, no rooms. Luckily one doctor spoke English. Though he was sure I had food poisoning, he put us in his jeep and drove us three hours to the big city.

I kept saying that it was my ovary and when they finally did the ultrasound, they saw what I felt. I had bled internally too much to fly home. They had to operate immediately and I lost the ovary.

So I was down an ovary and now not only had endometriosis scars, but surgery scars and damage from cleaning the blood from organs where it was not supposed to be.

When we came home my doctor said that I had a less that one percent chance of conception, etc. Two months later, I was pregnant! I was so nervous that I'd miscarry but Baby Girl stayed. She's asleep in my lap right now.

Generally I'm too busy to read on line, let alone write things like this, but I know that when I felt hopeless and defeated with the diagnosis of no children, it was positive stories that got me through. So take deep breaths and prenatals - there's hope!

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