Told less than one percent chance of conception but now I have my baby!

by Anonymous

My heart was broken and felt beyond repair when I was told that I had a less than one percent chance of conception. And that was just conceiving - my doctor said it'd be unlikely that the baby would hold because of the scarring of my stage 3 endometriosis. Now I have my darling Rose and am sure she'll have a sibling.

Two years ago my doctor diagnosed me with stage 2 endometriosis. A few months after the diagnosis I grew a cyst on my right ovary. My doctor, who I no longer see, was sure it was not related to endometriosis and would go away.

It did not and it continued grow. She still was not worried and all I knew, since it was my first cyst, was that it hurt.

While I was in Mexico the cyst ruptured into my ovary. My ovary swelled to the size of an apple and started to bleed into my abdomen. We were in a rain forest in Mexico. My belly grew until I looked six months pregnant. I couldn't walk.

My husband had to find someone to drive us to a town with a hospital. This hospital had only cots and sinks, no medicine, no rooms. Luckily one doctor spoke English. Though he was sure I had food poisoning, he put us in his jeep and drove us three hours to the big city.

I kept saying that it was my ovary and when they finally did the ultrasound, they saw what I felt. I had bled internally too much to fly home. They had to operate immediately and I lost the ovary.

So I was down an ovary and now not only had endometriosis scars, but surgery scars and damage from cleaning the blood from organs where it was not supposed to be.

When we came home my doctor said that I had a less that one percent chance of conception, etc. Two months later, I was pregnant! I was so nervous that I'd miscarry but Baby Girl stayed. She's asleep in my lap right now.

Generally I'm too busy to read on line, let alone write things like this, but I know that when I felt hopeless and defeated with the diagnosis of no children, it was positive stories that got me through. So take deep breaths and prenatals - there's hope!

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Mar 09, 2017
by: Anonymous

Wow,,, ,your story gave me a thousands hope... thanks for sharing your story... Hope to have my own soon baby... thanks a lot! godbless you!

Apr 15, 2016
by: April

Wow god had a plan and your story is so inspiring to me. I'm 24 years old and i was just diagnosed with endometriosis last month. Scary stuff. I only found out because a cyst on my left ovary also burst and I was bleeding internally and had to be hospitalized.

The worst pain I have ever experienced. I lost 2 pints of blood but thank god they got to it in time. I've always wanted to have children and when I found out that endo makes women more likely to be infertile my heart sank. Thank you for telling your story, it makes me have hope that soon I will be able to conceive and be a mother!

Feb 10, 2015
24 years young lady
by: Sonia

Hi everyone, I was advised by my homeopath in Kemptonpark, Johannesburg that I have endometriosis, partially blocked left tube, unbalanced hormones and a cyst on my left tube,and I was also advised that am 20kg over weight (which I don't believe cos am 78kg and at my age going down to 58kg will just be ridiculous).

Mind you I am only 24 turning 25 later in the year, all these diagnosis and abdomen pain were just too much to bear and added a lot of stress which was still not doing me any justice except making matters worse.

I could not afford to go to expensive specialist so I decided to get a homeopath specialist who is far cheaper than gyne, I went there and got treatment at a reasonable price and so far things look promising since am two days late on my periods.

I will keep in touch with u guys and let you know if its a pos or neg in about a week or so.

Jan 21, 2015
Please reply
by: Anonymous

Hi...I was going through several medications..had 1 failed IUI and 1 failed IVF last year.
My doctor says I am having severe endometriosis and cyst in right ovary. Also my AMH is 0.7 which is very low....
Please suggest some diet plan so that I can also be blessed with baby dust.


Jan 02, 2015
endometriosis stage iv and trying to conceive
by: Anonymous

I have endometriosis for 9yrs now. I am 23yrs old and I have been trying to conceive for seven months now. I used to have very painful and irregular periods, almost all the symptoms of endometriosis. My major concern now is to have a baby since I have been able to overcome the symptoms. With your story now I believe greatly and I have faith I can have babies. Thanx for sharing. I have my fingers crossed

Oct 27, 2014
Dont give up hope!
by: Maaike

Very similar story here. I was operated on my endometriosis / adenomiosis 4 times within 6 months time. The first operation took more than 3 hours, they weren't able to remove everything, organs all stuck and grown together. It was very very bad, I still was in a lot of pain.

Ovarian cysts had grown back the size of large oranges, just 5 weeks after operations.
I was told getting pregnant would be extremely difficult, not possible naturally. But than my sweet mom found out about this website and the endometriosis- diet. A miracle to me.

4 months after following the diet very strictly I was pregnant! ( more importantly, my pain reduced dramaticly!) very sadly, we lost our baby after 13 weeks of pregnancy but not long after ( 3 months) I was pregnant again. Doctors couldn't believe it.

Now, almost 3 years later, I am holding my youngest, 10 month old in my arms. She just fell asleep. Upstairs is another sleeping princess, 2 years and 3 months old. Our greatest blessing, these two baby girls! Miracles do happen. Don't give up hope and follow the diet!!

Oct 14, 2014
hi everyone
by: Anonymous

I had stage 4 endometriosis and now laparoscopy done again they have noted cyst in my ovaries. I'm really getting tensed. Doctor suggested IVF. But I don't know the success rate. Anybody having the same problem. please share. I'm 25 years now....

Aug 20, 2014
Thank You!
by: Anonymous

What an awful experience you went through! I thank you whole-heartedly for taking the time to share your success story. I was recently dx with stage 2 endo as well, and have been feeling down about the thought of not being able to have children. Thank you, again, for sharing your inspiring journey!

Oct 01, 2013
by: Nia Bearman


I have the same problem as you had and I have been told by my doctor that I have very little change to conceive as I have endometriosis, blockage on left tube and fibroids! I know that one day I will have a baby, until now still no news yet about the bump!

But I do believe in Miracle !! So I won't give up my hope to conceive. I'm so tired of waiting and waiting but God knows what I want and needs so I must believe it and do what I can do to fight this disease!! Thanks for sharing with me.

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