Endometriosis story

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This disease has ruined my life

by Claudette
( California, U.S.A.)

Because of endometriosis I started having very painful periods at age 31. Was taking 15 advils a day. Finally saw a Dr. and was diagnosed.

Endometriosis was all over my bladder, bowels, etc. Had surgery but pain persisted. (many e.r. visits for severe pain, vomiting, diarrhea,etc.)

Finally saw a doctor that specialized in this, but ended up having to have a hysterectomy anyway. With all of the surgeries I've had, I have many adhesions and now have chronic pain. This ruined my marriage as I did not like to go out any more,

I work full time, & was so tired and sick.(my doctor told me that the pain I was having in my stage of endometriosis was equivalent to labor pains)!

I didn't want to force my husband to stay at home with my misery, & so I let him go out and have drinks with his friends anytime he wanted. Well, he met another woman & that was the end of that

Am now titrating off of oxycontin (my pain doctor thinks I am nuts to titrate off my meds. as I cannot tolerate enough food to maintain my weight, energy, etc. and am miserable without the meds.)

However there is an attitude out there of "just deal with it", as well as those who use meds. for recreational purposes. You would not believe the attitude I have gotten when getting my rx filled by some of these pharmacists; It makes me feel so horrible and ashamed.

I am in hell. I have had this for over 20 years, and I hope you young women can get faster and better treatment. I received good treatment for the times, but now that this is a better recognized disease, I hope you are going to have better outcomes with regards to your well being and fertility.

Love and the very best to all of you.


Name: Anonymous

Title: Endometriosis hell

Endometriosis has destroyed my life too .. I have been lied to for years .... and due to research I don't think hysterectomy is the answer. I could have been offered birth control pills or something for pain but all I ever get is a hysterectomy shoved down my throat.

My doctor has me on hrt for peri-menopausal symptoms but I believe it is making the endometriosis worse as it feeds off oestrogen, and obviously he doesn't know that. I couldn't function any more for two weeks before and one week during my cycle. I was having horrible mood swings, severe depression, crying and couldn't function, couldn't work any more. Now that has stopped but the endometriosis pain is unbearable.

I also have many other medical conditions to deal with. I'm a mess, it is a beautiful day outside and I'm in the recliner with a heating pad unable to deal with the pain, it is so depressing.

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