Endometriosis story

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Symptoms worse after eating and with stress

by Lucy cousins
(Bridgwater Somerset )

Symptoms which are caused by minimal endometriosis:

I suffer from on-going pelvic pain ranging from sharp to stabbing to dull pelvic pain. This is in my lower back, middle of my pubic area, in my pelvic bladder area before and after urination, pain before and during a bowel movement.

All my urine tests are negative, ultrasounds are clear, blood tests are clear?? I had a diagnostic laparoscopy four weeks ago which showed a small right handed heamorragic cyst and a small patch of endometriosis, apparently so small it wouldn't be bothersome to me?

I have been signed off work and I have become depressed as I am constantly dealing with symptoms day in, day out.

I need some help as doctors are not listening to me. I have visited the emergency room over and over but they tell me they cannot find a cause for my pain.

Please can somebody help me, I have now become desperate and I am even considering taking out a loan for private healthcare I don't know what else to do :((

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