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Symptoms so bad unable to walk

by Daisy

My pelvic pain with endometriosis is constant most of the time and I'm bent over in pain.

I hold out my underwear away from my stomach because even that hurts it. If I cough I've to hold my pelvis in and almost curl up with pain.

My back pain goes through my hips and bum and down my legs to my feet, my knees hurt the most, and my upper legs, and knees swell up.

I can't walk with the pain, I can't work, I can't go out, I stay in bed as much as I can curled up in the fetus position.

When my period starts it's so heavy, I use tampons and pads at the same time and will change about 4 times an hour. Sometimes I don't make it out of the bathroom when it comes down my legs and got to change again.

My period could last up to 21 days, giving me maybe 7 days of no period, but constant pain. I have tried everything and nothing eases the pain. Can't remember the last time we had sex, it is hell.


Name: Anonymous

Title: To daisy

The pain you are describing is chronic endometriosis. I was diagnosed with it a year and a half ago and experience the same symptoms everyday especially the leg pain. I have had 3 laparoscopies and been through numerous treatments. I compleatly understand what you are going through. I am a single mother of 4 year old twins and work full time and have to take loratab everyday just to try to live like a normal person. I hope the best for you

Name: Sunshine 87

Title: Similar pain

I also know what this pain caused by endometriosis is like. I have had one laparoscopy so far and been put on different tablets. Have had endometriosis removed and also have fibroids on my ovaries. The doctor doesn't know why I am still in pain as he has taken the endo. I am ready to have everything removed to stop the pain but he doctor won't do it. I don't know what else to do

Name: tabitha miller

Title: Endometriosis - my own ordeal

I know what you are are going through, i have had endometriosis for 3 years now and I go next month to have everything taken out. They have tried to remove this disease but it comes right back.

Everyday things are hard for me, I can't cook without hurting, walking is hard, taking care of my son and cleaning is like the hardest thing to do.

I have been on tablets and they don't even work any more and its made me sick and loose weight. I finally found a doctor to listen to me and agrees to do the surgery for me even though I am only 21. Hope you all all get better soon.

Name: Liz

Title: I am not alone

I can share my story knowing now women out there understand my pain and frustration.

I did not know this was a disease let alone a name. Pains started in my teens 16yrs, mid 20's it got more painful and unbearable, diagnosed in my 30's, had surgery to remove the scarring and within year it returned.

Now in my 40's it is now chronic Endometriosis, the pain i do not wish upon anyone. Every symptom from tiredness, back pain, pelvic pain, back passage cramp pain when trying to relieve myself. I have just started getting needle pains in my knee which after reading other comments, it's another symptom.

This has affected my life that the pains come randomly at any time or day, not just with my periods. i am going to try the diet and see how it goes, this maybe the answer to my prayers.

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