Symptoms of headaches and tiredness

by Jessica Diaz
(Chicago, IL)

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis last year but I had been having problems way before being diagnosed.

I just thought it was part of being so busy with work, school, wedding planning, my daughter, etc.. so I never went to the doctor until last year.

My symptoms are all over and at first I thought I was going crazy. It seems no one really thinks its an actual disease or they tend to minimize it.

My symptoms don't wait for the time of the month, they come and go just about every day or every other day. My symptoms are on a regular basis, they don't tend to wait for my period.

It is worse now that I am a newlywed and we are trying to get pregnant. When I first was diagnosed, part of me felt like I was failing as a woman being a new wife. :(

But with reading and doing my own research, I have realized there are many women all over the world with this disease. I also realized that the symptoms vary per person, no matter what size, location or stage you are in.

I have three chocolate cyst on my right ovary. At the time of diagnosis, the sizes were about 3cm or so. I am 36 years old.

My symptoms are:

-Headaches (mostly before and during my period) to the point where it has woken me up from bed
-Nausea (constant)
-fatigue (I am always tired)
-spotting one week before actual period
-heavy bleeding
-clots during periods
-sciatic nerve
-right pelvic pain
-low back ache
-leg pain (right side)
-feeling like about to pass out during period
-pain during intercourse

It is soothing to read all the other stories. Thank you for sharing them.

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Same symptoms as well
by: Anonymous

Ever since I started my period at age 12 I have had horribly painful periods to the point of throwing up and almost passing out as well. I was put on B/C when I was 14. I take a continuous dose and therefore do not have my periods. However the symptoms of pelvic pain, fatigue, nausea, IBS, and now that I'm married, painful sex are still very present. I have not been formally diagnosed with endometriosis but my mom, grandma, and great grandma all were. I hope the B/C works for you. Its helpful to know there is a community of women who share this same problem and can help each other.

Same symptoms
by: Anonymous

I just read your post and I have the same symptoms. I'm 32 and have had such painful periods that I pass out, throw up, and have diarrhea. I also have horrible pain in my sciatica, right ovary and headaches! Nothing seems to help the pain.

I just had an ultrasound done and they didn't find anything. My mom had severe endometriosis and I'm wondering if I am not being diagnosed properly. They want to put me on birth control.

Has anyone had success with that treatment. The other odd thing is that I can literally feel my immune system drop around my period and I usually get sick. I think people think I am crazy. Maybe I am crazy from all of this pain.

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