Symptoms of endometriosis in the cul de sac?

by Erica
(Connecticut, USA)

Hi all,

I'm a 22 year old rough and tumble college student and I am not the type to fret over the simple aches and pains that accompany being a lady. For many of us, however, calling them simple aches and pains is a gross understatement. Over the past few months I've been having ambiguous symptoms and changes in my cycle that have me pulling my hair out!

They say hindsight is 20/20 and looking back, as I'm sure many of you could agree--or hopefully, I realized my periods used to be generally pain free, with the occasional twinge here or there. I will try not to get too off topic here... I feel that my pain all started off two years after my first period when I was 16 and had to be hospitalized for burst ovarian cysts.

Ever since then I've always had terribly painful "ovulation pains" as I came to know them; always unilateral on my right side. I've been blessed with the gift of frequent UTIs I came to realize. But as of late the symptoms I felt when I had a UTI and/or a kidney infection (increased urgency, pain after and before urination, flank pain radiating to my groin, etc) my alarm bells were going off.

Urinary symptoms increased dramatically over the past year. Now bowel comes in to play. Over the course of the past six months I've developed internal and external hemorrhoids, (sorry but I feel the need for full disclosure!) that come with their own symptoms. In addition to the hemmies my bowel movements are completely unpredictable. I know some of this overlaps with IBS and other GI ailments but endometriosis and GI issues are not always mutually exclusive !

I am either painfully constipated to the point that I can just feel the toxins building up from an inability to go, or I am in the bathroom every thirty minutes with diarrhea. The bloating has become a horrible, chronic issue as well. The bowel symptoms are worse when I ovulate and used to dissipate until increasing during the beginning of my period. Now the bowel and urinary symptoms are steady from ovulation until my period about two weeks later.

I have an extremely high pain tolerance--it's landed me in the ER for IV antibiotics for kidney infections, because "I didn't think the pain was severe enough to indicate a serious problem-- but the pain felt during ovulation and my period from the symptoms listed above, as well as the billeted ones below has really made me question WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING?!

HIP JOINT AND LOW BACK PAIN. Over the past two years it's gotten to be terrible at the time of my period. I am an athlete and figured it was just a tight IT band or something, but it's gotten to the point that I can feel my gait has changed. I am so stiff with pain from the head of my femur where it articulates with my pelvis all the way down my thigh and it radiates into my buttocks and settles in my lower back. Before my period it migrates to my shoulders as well.

Starting a week before my period the hip pain gets so bad that whenever I lay in the fetal position (after several Advil around the clock) I need to constantly keep my upper leg elevated to decrease the stress on my hip joint-- I always have to keep a blanket or pillow inbetween my knees otherwise it's excruciating.

PAIN WHEN SITTING DOWN. Awful pain whenever I sit down. I am going to college for occupational therapy and know my muscles and how to palpate... The pain is strictly felt in sharp instances when the rectovaginal septum is felt (the area between the rectum and the back of the vagina). This pain disappears after my period.

INFLAMMATION: so bad that my jaw and teeth ache because my gums are so swollen. I get a gap in my front teeth! Also any scratch on my body swells up like a balloon.


PAIN! The only way I can describe the general location/intensity/duration of the pain felt during ovulation and menstration is a burning feeling that is so deep and penetrating and impossible to pinpoint that it makes you feel as it you're going crazy. The general location is a burning felt deep to the round ligament that radiated to my flank and into my thigh. I am worried about the possibility of adhesions because my mother has endometriosis and she too had similar symptoms that went undetected for so long.

The pain is also a stabbing pain that runs from my rib-cage to my illiac crest and pelvic/hip joint area. The best way I can explain it is it feels as if someone has tied a rope connecting any specific area in my low abdomen (kidneys, bladder, ribcage...) to my pelvic region, and they are tugging on the rope causing a tightening, shooting, lightening volt sensation of pain in the two areas.

Other symptoms:
Chronic fatigue, cold hands and feet and awful circulation, pain on BM or urination that makes me unable to exert at all, craving absurd amounts of sugar past few months.

I am sorry for listing such a litany of anecdotes and symptoms but I'm become desperate for some type of definitive answer. My ultrasound is scheduled for 4/7 a week from today, and hopefully I can gain some sort of insight from those results.

I wish you all the best of luck and many pain free days ahead if you are still stuck in the limbo that comes with any impending diagnosis. Thank you all for listening and If I can help at all just hollar!


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cul de sac and bladder endo
by: hollydolly7t

Hi Ladies,

I was surgically diagnosed with endo in 1992 I was 17. I started my period at 10 years old. 1 week of bed rest month it seemed. Excuse my French but body crushing periods at 10 in 1985 was Horrific. i felt F☆☆ing cursed.

I had pelvic exam by the time I was 12. I still played barbies n cabage patch kids - know? way different times.

I took ballet n dance for 13 years but finally endo took that away too! missing too much THEY DON'T CARE EXCUSES!!!

I stared doing birth control by age 12 wich body of course didn't like. I was lucky to deliver 3 health children but all by c-section which only speeds the disease.

I have had 4 laproscopies for ENDO N SEVERE DENSE ADHESIONS. I had my hysterectomy via laporotomy due go my uterus being fused to my abdominal wall, they took the uterus n cervix left my damed ovaries in. I did well for a few years.

At the age of 34 severe pain is back. I go to Dr its so bad..... the say I have 2 cysts on each of my ovaries blah blah blah. So back to hormone therapy. 6 months after that not only did the cyst on my right side not shrink its bigger and they do ct mri inner and outer ultrasound.

Well so the ones on the left ovary popped and was being reabsorbed, but the right one is now an
endometrioma. So I'm put on Lupron again blah blah blah then they start me on anti estrogen cancer oral meds.

6 months later I finally had it. i wasn't getting better I had been seeing an oncologist I said rip them out! TURNS OUT THE RT SIDE WAS STAGE 1 SIZE OF A PLUM OR SO. So I had my ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.

I did good for a bit and then 3 years ago the pain in my right side is back so back to the er. CT ULTRASOUND INNER AND OUT. I HAD A MASS ON MY RT SIDE. I AM BACK ON LUPRON SO NO HORMONES FOR ME. I HAVE OVARIAN REMNANT SYNDROME.

TOTAL SURGERIES ALL TOGETHER NOW 12! Since age of 17 - I'M so DONE WITH ENDO and ONLY PRAY FOR THE RESEARCHERS TO FIND a better way to diagnose it with out drs making us feel like we are crazy.

MORE IMPORTANTLY we need a real safe treatment, we shouldn't have to succor like this. I still feel like my insides are ripping out when I have a bowel movements and ideals like a pole is being shoved through my fake cervix. OH man I have days I want to disappear.

We need our researchers to keep trying, don't let our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives succor any more. Plus it puts us at higher rate of ovarian cancer and many other cancers. LADIES WE HAVE TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER N HOLD EACH OTHER UP N DEMAND MORE RESEARCH!


by: Anonymous

I was so surprised to read this post because your symptoms are spot on with mine. I've been in bed for almost 3 months with it. I get an MRI tonight to check for other things but my doctor has ruled everything else out besides endo.

I have the groin pain, radiating hip pain, pressure in rectovaginal area, cravings, mood swings, severe ovulation pain, etc. (basically every single thing you listed out!)

I am 24 and hoping to find an answer soon. Keep in touch.

Me too
by: Dawn

I had acute pain in my pelvis one day at work. I had to leave and take myself to the ER. I told them I had pain in the lower pelvis area that felt like labor pain, felt really sick, shaking from the pain and weak.

Right away the doctors took me to get a ultra sound, trans vaginal & regular. They saw something and took me for a CT scan. Did a pelvic exam. Took blood and urine samples. They came back and told me I had a 8.7 X 5.8 X 4.4 cyst in my right ovary and said it might be cancer since I have had Hodgkins Lymphoma. Told me to follow up with my doctor and sent me home.

About 10 days later I was back at the ER. They gave me morphine for the pain (did not help at all). Did all the same tests plus a MRI. This time they said it was Endo. They wanted to transfer me to another hospital with a Woman's Center. I told them I needed to let my family and my son know what was going on.

I went back that night in a whole new pain. My whole abdomen and pelvic area's were hurting so much that it felt like every nerve was was on fire. Every organ in my abdomen & pelvic was hurting. Then they sent me home and told me to follow up again. I ended up going to a different ER and they said there was nothing there. That I did not have Endo.

They decided to go ahead and transfer me to the Woman's hospital. I was there for 5 days. They performed all the same tests and had the same results. While I was there they wanted to do an Endoscopy. The results were that I had bad Acid Reflux, Ulcers in my intestines and throat, stomach lining was eroding. They put me on meds for that. I went and saw a doctor in another town for the Pain. They too said I didn't have Endo. They called me back about 4 days after seeing him and said he wants me to come back to run some more tests.

I had constant pain all day, every day. In the lower rib area, top of shoulders, thighs, groin, low pelvic area. I felt nauseated all day. I was fatigued all the time. When the Cyst ruptured I could not do ANYTHING. I could not eat, take care of myself, drive.. Nothing. I lost 20lbs in 2 weeks.

After the pain of the rupture lessened I got on my computer and looked up info about Endo. I had almost ALL symptoms of Endo. Then I looked up different supplements to take to stop the inflammation and try to stop the cysts from growing and to help with the GERD.

I started taking supplements and feel a lot better. The ones I take can be bought at any store. I could not do the Endo diet, I like all foods so I didn't want to give some of them up. I am by no means cured.. I just don't have all the symptoms now.

Is this me writing this???
by: Kristy Carder

Years and years and years of THIS. Of exactly what you wrote. Yet, I am just crazy. I am a 45-year old mom of four daughters (4 miscarriages). I can hardly type bc I am shaking from a flare now. It is getting worse. Every cycle it just gets worse. I had an ablation. I had a partial hysterectomy (adenomyosis and endometriosis shown in laparoscopy). I cannot take any more of this. No pain meds can be rx'ed anymore. No help whatsoever for this invisible disease just eating away at me. Aaaahhhhh. So sorry. I just need to VENT!!!!

RIght on!!!
by: Jacqlyn

I felt like I was reading a bio of me!!! Your wording on some of your symptoms were right on!!! I actually read them to my hubby.....b/c he has heard them from me for so long. Its not good you have these symptoms but its reassuring that someone else knows how I feel. You do feel like you are going crazy and a constant buzzkiller.

I was initially diagnosed 1997 at the age of 20 (making me now 37) and 2 kids later and 4 laps I am having the worst symptoms ever. After having my daughter at 22 the pain went away for several yrs then started coming back.....but it was sooo deep inside.

Anyways to make a long story short I now have stage 3 with almost every pelvic organ involved. I tried Mirena with no success....body rejected in less than 24hrs. Now I am on Lupron shots and hopefully that helps...not looking forward to the side effects that will eventually come!

This disease feels so unfair and it makes me so very angry b/c it takes away things that you enjoy so much and makes them painful. From sex to working out and many everyday activities (due to fatigue, cravings, headaches, etc..)
I hope you are finding some relief in your journey or struggle(as I feel it is) with Endometriosis.

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