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Symptom of pelvic pain

by Amanda
(Marina, CA)

I had symptoms of extremely intense cramps when I was young and during the first years of having my period.

This seemed normal to me, being that my mother and sisters had experienced the same problems. The cramps eventually subsided as I aged. However, I wonder if there is any connection between this and the disease of endometriosis.

When I was 16, I was in class one day and thought that I had perhaps eaten something that wasn't settling well with my stomach. The pain then moved into my pelvis and became worse as the minutes went by.

Long story short, I was in such intense agony that I thought I needed to go to the hospital. At the time my pain was what I imagine contractions during labor were like.

After making an emergency visit to my primary practitioner, they gave me some sort of shot and a pelvic exam. They originally thought I had an infection in my fallopian tubes. After taking many antibiotics, my symptoms persisted and I was recommended to an OBGYN.

After an ultrasound and CAT scan, nothing was found that indicated any kind of reproductive disorder and the OBGYN made a decision to do a diagnostic laparoscopy. At 16, I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome with possible Endometriosis.

For treatment, the doctor put me on the birth control pill and gave me Vicodin to control my symptoms.

Over the years, I saw many doctors about my pain. Many male OBGYN's dismissed my pain and didn't treat me accordingly. Eventually my symptoms had progressed so bad that after more ultrasounds and CAT scans (not showing anything) another doctor decided it was time for another laparoscopic procedure.

At that time I was about 22 and was dealing with terrible pelvic symptoms. My heating pad was my best friend and over the years I have worn out more than I can count.

Sometimes the pain would be sharp, or my pelvis would feel very tender. Sometimes intercourse would hurt. I often went to the chiropractor to have him adjust my L4, which is associated with low back ache and can correspond to pelvic pain.

Nonetheless, the doctor performed the laparoscopy and it was determined that I had mild-moderate Endometriosis. After the surgery, the doctor highly suggested Lupron injections for 6 months, which I remember were absolute hell.

Eventually I was put back on the birth control pill and more Vicodin after the Lupron treatment. Soon I became dissatisfied with my doctor, as he began to dismiss my pain level.

I then sought out a Reproductive Endocrinologist by the name of Dr. Linda Giudice. I travelled to San Francisco to meet with her. Despite the experience being a little uncomfortable, Dr. Giudice was able to perform a successful ultrasound, which indicated I had Endometriosis on my ovaries and possible cysts.

This information was conveyed to a doctor closer to me, and she decided to perform my 3rd laparoscopic procedure. In August of 2009, my doctor diagnosed me with both moderate Endometriosis an Poly Cystic Ovarian syndrome.

Today I am on birth control pills and since I have such a high tolerance to pain medication, I'm now taking the extra strength Vicodin for my symptoms. I also rely heavily on my heating pad for both my pelvic and low back pain.

As of now, I'm scheduled to have another ultrasound being that my symptoms have not improved over the past few months. I am not very optimistic that the ultrasound will show anything out of the ordinary, but I am hopeful my doctor will be able to provide some sort of relief.

From my experience, I have noticed there seems to be no rhyme or reason with regard to when my pain occurs. I have attempted in keeping pain journals, altering my eating habits, tried acupuncture, also tried EFT (emotional freedom technique), warm baths, exercise, and have tried many different forms of contraception and pain medication.

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