Endometriosis story

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Surgery today and endometriosis found

by Kristen

I've had right lower abdominal pain for almost 2 years. Never really had bad periods, so I thought it must be bowel in nature. Initially had a CT scan to rule out appendicitis back when it first started in 2010.

Since it came back negative, i tried to deal with it for a year. But this past November I couldn't live with the pain anymore (made me tired and depressed). Bloating worsened and pain started happening all over the right side of my abdomen. I had a whole GI workup ... egd, colonoscopy,hida scan, ultrasounds. Everything negative.

GI doctor wanted me to go back to gyno for further workup because he felt my pain wasn't IBS ... sometimes bowel movements would make my pain worse, not better.

Periods became heavier with some small pieces of tissue passed, although I've been on nuvaring for almost 5 years and my periods had only been short and light. I was desperate for an answer so went for diagnostic laparoscopy.

My husband was skeptical and thought my level of pain did not warrant a surgical procedure. Found out today I have endometriosis on bladder, ovaries, cul-de-sac and adhesions on my large intestine which were attached to my abdominal wall.

The scar tissue was exactly where my pain had been! Well the surgeon cut the scar tissue and burned off the endometriosis. Now recovering at home and soooo happy I finally have an answer.

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