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Suffering from Endometriosis and IBS found relief

by Anonymous
(Austin, Texas)

This has helped my endometriosis and IBS symptoms ...

I'm not typically a poster, but in hopes that I help one person, I had to share.

I have been suffering from what I now know to be endometriosis and IBS - since I was a child. I am now in my late 20's and seem to have found some relief.

I say 'seem' just in case episodes begin to arise again, but I'll tell you that this is the best I have felt in 15 years.

The type of symptoms I was experiencing was debilitating pain every morning. The worst times are the ten-twelve days surrounding my cycle, and then in the 3 months I tried to nurse my son although there are times where I will have the symptoms every morning for months. The pain is such that it requires me to be on the toilet.

It usually makes me violently sick (ie vomiting while still on the toilet). It’s horrible. I've spent many a morning begging for mercy.

When I think I am ‘done’ and try to stand up to carefully walk to my bed to rest, I continue having these episodes until I’m ‘empty’. By then, I’m exhausted, my kid needs me, I’m late for work, and stressed. Most of my symptoms are gone by afternoon if I am careful. By careful I mean: no sudden movements, lay flat with a heating pad for a long time, don’t dare to drink (or smell for that matter) coffee.

By afternoon the symptoms go away and I spend all day trying to catch up from the morning that I missed due to illness. Another random fact, contrary to what many others say, a coke in the morning seems to settle my tummy. Even the doctors don’t get it, but if you’re suffering like I was, what do you have to lose?

I have been to dozens of doctors in my life (OBGYNs & Gastro's) to discuss options and have tried numerous drugs. Some of them take the edge off...sometimes, but most of them only slightly help (if at all) and the results are spotty. The hard core meds also came with side effects - sleepiness, constipation, dizziness, weight gain, not to mention that you're unable to take then if you’re nursing or trying to conceive.

While a few of the doctors have mentioned special diets (no luck) fibre (no luck) and probiotics, the tone that they have is scepticism. I’ve always got the feeling they were simply trying to ‘cover their bases’ and check the boxes.

One day I got desperate and tried probiotics. It changed my life. I now take 1 pill each night before I go to bed. I have been doing this for almost two months and the only time I have had pain is the days where I have forgotten to take them the night before.

I know I sound like an infomercial, but my husband is stunned at how the quality of my life has improved and has encouraged me to share!
If you’re like me and have nothing to lose, I suggest you try them! I have never tried alternative medicine, but I’m hooked. I can’t imagine going back to that daily hell.

Having suffered for so long, I know that I’ll have the occasional spell, but even if I can eliminate 50% of the episodes, I’m in.

*Just so it’s clear, I have had every single test you can imagine and had exhausted all known options.


Name: Holly

Title: Possible Relief for Endometriosis

I can't personally vouch for its curing abilities - yet - but I have heard that the supplement DIM or DIM-Plus (by Nature's Way) is effective for endometriosis because it balances hormones and gets rid of oestrogen dominance, which can be the culprit for a lot of women's hormonal and gynaecological problems.

Another supplement I have read positive feedback about is Estrobalance by Enzymatic Labs (I think that's the name). Worth a try also.

My recommended probiotic is K+ - it's pricey but works very well.

If you use tampons, it would be beneficial to switch to organic, non-bleached tampons (like Azalea or Natracare), as putting chemicals via regular tampons in our most sensitive body cavity is NOT good and will lead to hormone disruption, which can increase risks of endometriosis, cysts, and fibroids - if not cancer.

At my worst, I also began using Saw Palmetto supplements, which can be a natural anti-inflammatory for the entire body, and will help with endometriosis-related inflammation. I tried this and it worked quite well, but a side effect is bigger breasts - which I do not need!

Just remember that with any natural remedy, it may take 1-2 months of regular supplementation before you notice results, so don't give up!

I've heard that Chasteberry can also regulate hormones and decrease endometriosis, but I can't speak from personal experience on this. But many, many women swear by it, and acupuncturists who are also herbalists will recommend the same.

Don't try all of the above at once. Try each, one at a time, for a month, then see if symptoms improve. If yes, then continue taking it for another month...and if symptoms improve yet again, you may have found your supplement. If not, add the next herbal option to your regimen. End of the day, it can't be worse than what doctors put us through.

Hope this info helps someone - it sure beats useless doctors who offer nothing but prescribe painkillers?

Name: Anonymous

Title: Considering hysterectomy

Thank you for all your stories. I was also diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 26 years old. The pain only started when I was nearing 40. There is like a stabbing sensation in my lower left abdomen. I went to a lot of doctors and they couldn't seem to tell me what is wrong. Until one doctor told me that it was endometriosis.

He gave me hormone shots for treatment that stopped my menstruation. The pain went away completely. But after 6 months the it came back with a vengeance.

And now it has even extended to my tail bone. It's excruciating and I feel like cursing the heavens at times. I found that ibufrofen works best but the problem is if I keep taking them daily, I might get ulcers.

So I changed to paracetamol. It works although there is still some pain but not too much. I am considering a full hysterectomy but after reading your stories, I think I will just wait until my menopause because surgery doesn't seem to help at all. I would love to hear alternative or herbal treatments that works.

Name: Anonymous

Title: Endometriosis

Hi. I have heard of Lupron Depo - the shot that puts a woman in pseudo menopause. I've actually had it twice, but I've not had a hysterectomy. I take it that you had a partial hysterectomy?

All symptoms were alleviated for the time periods that I was getting it. But once the shots were done, symptoms came back full blast; so, it's not the end all be all. As for you ladies who still have your menstrual cycles, a massage (especially in the lower back region) about a day or so prior to your menses is very helpful.

You'll be amazed at the results! Relaxation is the key to not having lots of cramping. And massages help to relieve muscle tension, which greatly aids in cramping during periods. Hope this helps

Name: Anonymous

Title: My Advice

Hi, I too have endometriosis (16+ yrs) and the way I keep it at bay is to cut out any or most white flour/wheat products! I have noticed tremendous decrease in pain after going off of white flour at times.

It's in almost everything we eat and probably why we have such an increase in this problem for women. So please look at the ingredients on your foods.... gluten/white flour/wheat cut it out! Or do like I do...take fibre every day and allow yourself some white flour during the month/a little a day, but avoid all together around your menstrual.

I take Equate brand fiber from Walmart $4.00/bottle and take as recommended/or u can take 7 twice a day like I do....i take Nature Made 'Multi for Her' vitamin every day, an extra iron pill by Spring Valley 27 mg (so total iron is 47 mg w/the multi vit iron) and i take Spring Valley Vit E 400 i.u twice/day as extra vit E...all from Walmart...taking for years....helped regulate my menstrual cycle too!!! Hope this helps someone;o) Gods blessing to you!

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