Struggle with Endometriosis

by Patty

From the time I was 16 I suffered with Endometriosis. I had my full hysterectomy at age 40. I had several laparoscopy surgeries and pelvis copy operations to remove implants from age 16 to 25. I was married at 23 and was told that if I did not conceive by 25 it wouldn't happen.

I had another surgery right before using fertility to help become pregnant. Thank god, it worked. I had 2 children by age 25. After this my symptoms just kept getting worse. The pain and agony was ruining my life.

I had to go in for another surgery to clean implants and remove my organs from each other. By some miracle I became pregnant again at 30 after this surgery. I had a beautiful daughter. I had my tubes tied right after this birth, so I was done having children. The only time I had a bit of relieve was when I was pregnant.

Between age 30 and 40, I tried all the medicines, Lupron, etc. Finally, a doctor said that a partial hysterectomy would work. Well, it doesn't, considering you still have the ovaries, which is the main reason for the problem. I do understand he didn't want me to go through menopause.

So, in 2009 I had a vaginal partial hysterectomy. This lasted 1 year. I developed a tumor on my ovary that landed me in the ER. I was having a full hysterectomy the following week. My organs were so stuck together, it took my doctor hours to pry everything apart. This surgery was done like a C-section. She tried to get all of the implants that she could.

I have to say my life is not as painful, but I do have spurts where the pelvic pain is there and I try to ignore. I thought I wouldn't have any more issues. Is this Endometriosis coming back? I just don't know.

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